Adventurer Jr.’s Driving and Car Planning

Adventurer Jr. is going to be old enough to drive in a year. Where did all the time go? We’ll take him to Knowledge and Vision Screening this winter to get his temporary instruction permit identification card. We’ll teach him how to drive next Summer and complete a Driver Education class at a licensed driver training school. We also need to add his name to our insurance without a cost once he starts driving until he gets his real license. We are planning … Continue reading >>

Sold PSEC again

I sold 300 shares of PSEC for $8.44 per share in my Traditional IRA (W) account. Proceed $2,531.94 – Acquisition cost $2,505 = Profit $26.94. I have 0 share of PSEC left in this account. I sold 110 shares of PSEC for $8.46 per share in my Roth IRA account. Proceed $930.58 – Acquisition cost $895.4 = Profit $35.18. I have 0 share of PSEC left in this account. … Continue reading >>

2016 Summer Basketball Review

The Experience Our school district offered a free basketball dribbling and handling camp in July for 1 hour in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Adventurer Jr. II’s grade for six sessions. But he missed two sessions. There were twenty+ kids in the camp. Basketball wasn’t his sport but we wanted him to have some formal training and do exercise. He isn’t going to do any basketball camp anymore. The Cost: $0 $0 … Continue reading >>