2013 Taekwondo tournament in Detroit


Today, Adventurer Jr. and I attended a meeting regarding an upcoming Taekwondo tournament in Detroit. Our master gave a speech about how hard this tournament has been and how good those competitors are. Adventurer Jr. decided not to compete in the sparring event, partly because he is at the bottom of his age division, which makes it harder to win. On top of that, he isn’t experienced enough, since he has only competed twice under his belt. There will be a smaller tournament in March and another one in May. Adventurer Jr. will definitely go to these tournaments. Then he should be better positioned to go to Detroit next Nov.

We are planning on going there anyways to watch the matches, namely Adventurer Jr.’s division. Detroit is a 4-hour drive from where we live, and since we’ll already be there, I think it would be fun for our family to visit the Ford Museum. I’d like to find out whether there’s any other places worth seeing while we are there, so we can make this a mini-weekend vacation. The last time I was in “Motown” was about 14 years ago. The place was booming and lively; the people were driving expensive cars, the restaurants were huge and packed with people. I heard the economy there got hurt pretty hard during the recession. I hope it has gotten better, and I am looking forward to visiting it again.

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