2014 USA Taekwondo Nationals in San José


Adventurer Jr. fought well in his first nationals on July the 6th, 2014. The score was 15-17. He lost by 2 points. Regardless, he was a strong taekwondo fighter and had the ability to win, but lost that chance, which was unfortunate. The person he lost to got the gold at the end. No matter what, I’m very proud of Adventurer Jr.

No medal, just a baggy

No medal, just a bag

Lessons Learned:

  • NeedtoreadtheUSAT rules one week before the tournament:
    1. Points were awarded to his opponent when he stopped to fix his Daedo socks once, belt three times. Adventurer Jr. didn’t know this was going to happen.
    2. Point was awarded to his opponent when he kicked him on his face while he was on the floor. This was a bad timing, Adventurer Jr. intended to kick while he was falling, he was too late.
    3. If you are on the floor, point was awarded to opponent.
    4. If you back out 3 steps, point will be awarded to the other side.
    5. There are many more rules to familiarize
    6. The right athlete with the right coach is crucial
  • Weakness to work on:
    1. Blocking/raising arm/moving to the side to avoid being kicked on the head
    2. Throwing more head kicks to his opponent


Financial Implications: Grand Total Costs: $3694.44; Actual:$944.44

Total Taekwondo Related would’ve been Costs: $3636.44; Actual: $886.44

  • Competition fee: $120
  • Spectator fee: $30
  • Coach fee: $135
  • Daycare: $230 (2 days for 2)
  • Hotel: Would’ve cost $150 x 4 = $600, cost us $0 by using rewards saved for Cancun, will need to save more rewards for Cancun.
  • Transportation: Would have been Total: $2078; Actual: $78
    1. Airfare: Would’ve cost $1000 x 2 = $2000, cost us $0. But we depleted the rewards saved for Cancun. This is business class; Economy would have cost half the price.
    2. Airport parking: $33
    3. Bart fee: $4.25 x 4 = $17
    4. Caltrain: $7 x 4 = $28
  • Gear: Total $186.44
    1. Blue and Red head-gear: $100
    2. Adidas arm and elbow protector: $37.95
    3. AAMA arm protector: $19.95 + tax = $20.49
    4. AAMA shin & instep protector: $24.95 + tax = $28
  • Food: Would have been Total: $257; Actual: $107
    1. Subway gift card: $50
    2. Clif bars: $12
    3. Food credit: $150
    4. Subway: $10
    5. Baja fresh: $15
    6. Water & misc: $20

Total Sightseeing Admissions: $58

  • San José Museum of Art: $13
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation: $45

General Impressions:

  • San José is a vibrant little town.
  • One can walk around and get to visit pretty much all the sites in downtown area.
  • Public transportation was very developed in CA. There’s the free bus called DASH and other paid buses, plus trolley and Caltrain. DASH alone satisfied our needs around downtown, San José. And we took Caltrain from and to San Francisco.
  • Bikers were prevalent here. There are even designated areas for bikes on Caltrain.
  • People were nice. A lady helped us looking for our hotel after we got off the DASH. When we were reading the map on the street the next day, a biker asked us where we were going and pointed us the direction.
  • In conclusion, San José is a good place to visit. I don’t want to live there though.

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