2015 – 2016 Winter Competitive Swimming Review

The Experience

Adventurer Jr. wanted to do competitive swimming for a while and finally he was in high school to join the swim team.

It’s a lot of hard work. He had dry-lands from 6 to 7 am before school twice per week, swim practices from 3 to 5:15 pm after school Mondays through Fridays, and 6 to 8 pm on Saturdays. During winter break, 6 to 8 am and 3 to 5 pm every Monday through Friday for swim practices, and 6 to 8 pm on Saturdays as long as the pool was open. Many students on the team went to vacation and missed days of practices though. Since he had to miss practices during school days due to conflicts with other school activities, we stayed put during this winter break. He trained so hard and adjusted his schedule for other school activities so that he had more time for swim training.

Finally he started to perform after winter break. He scored more than the required points in meets to letter and met his goal before Suburban League. He also scored in Suburban League and Sectional. He qualified in 100 breaststroke for District. It was a very successful season for him.

His PR for this season: 100 breast 1:09.13, 100 butterfly 1:05.56, and 100 freestyle 1:00.16.

I volunteered as a timer for home meets. And drove to away meets to see him compete. It’s amazing to see how he progressed.

The Cost: $642.67

  • Team Swim Jammer: $44 – not used during the season. Probably don’t need to buy it next season.
  • Team Swim Brief: $37
  • Cap with Name: $11.5
  • Sales Tax: $6.24
  • Spirit Wear Hoodie: $42, need to buy L size next season
  • Spirit Wear Hat: $15, no need to buy anymore. It’s the same hat every year.
  • Goggle: $15
  • Training Jammer and 2-Pack Swedish Goggles: $54.74
  • Sport Tight: $25 plus tax $1.69 = $26.69
  • Team T-shirt: $0 for athlete
  • Away meets food: $30
  • Protein shake, bar, cliff bar, etc: $200
  • ECG and Echocardiogram Screening: $75. Since many otherwise healthy athletes suddenly died of cardiac arrest, we decided to have his heart screened. We don’t think he has any heart problems, but we still wanted a peace of mind.
  • Suburban League T-Shirt: $15
  • Toll: $1.5
  • Suburban League Spectator fee: $6
  • District Spectator fee: $6
  • District parking: $5
  • District t-shirt: $22
  • Swim Team Donation: $10
  • End-of-season Coach gifts money: $20
  • Banquet: $0. Free to swimmers and the Athletic department paid for it. Family members $20 each.

Even it’s not cheap for this sport with his high school, it’s much better than joining summer competitive swimming from this local program, which we will sign Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II up this summer.


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