2015 Baseball Season Review

The Experience

Adventure Jr. II was in the CBL (community baseball league) and played 22 regular season games with a season ending playoff tournament. His team won the championship for his school district out of 4 teams. But they lost the semifinal for the league. The score was 11 to 9, which was pretty good considering they only had 7 people participated in the game, that meant only 1 outfield.

This was the first time he actually played in games. He scored many times, got people out many times as well. All in all he grew so much in baseball. Most importantly, he found his sport. He’d participate in a weeklong summer camp.

The Costs: $200.99

  • Season fee: $90
  • Gear:
    1. Helmet with a face guard and chin strap: $25
    2. Cleats: $34.99
    3. Baseball pants x 2 = $30
    4. Carrying bag and socks = $21

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