2015 Fall Swim Lessons Review

The Experience

Adventurer Jr. II took an advanced swimming class again with six other kids. Even though he had taken this highest level of swimming class many years, he should still do it for next session just to exercise.

Adventurer Jr. III was in second level of swimming class. There were only two to four students in that class. That’s never happened before. They had plenty of practices. Adventurer Jr. III was able to do back float for 15 seconds in his first class. His front crawl was good in first class as well and was able to swim the required distance for his level. His weakness was treading the water. He tried so hard in his first class. He learned so fast and his instructor was impressed. But he didn’t graduate to Level III at the end of the session. He was a little sad. I told him that it’s OK and many people repeated. He really wanted to graduate. I think he would or should graduate to the next level after next session.

The Cost: $105

  • Class fees: $55 + $50 = $105

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