2015 Harvest from Backyard Garden

I wanted to be somewhat self-sufficient with the non meat and non dairy food we consume. The tomatoes, squashes, zucchini, cucumbers, chives, and string beans we harvested from the garden were enough for our consumption this summer. I was very content. We also got some okra, purple beans, and asparagus. I’m happy with the variety of vegetables we got this year.

The soil needs more nutrients though. I’ll pour expired soybean baby formulae powder into the raised beds when the season is over and prepare for next year.

As for the fruit trees, Adventurer Jr. II nicked the apple and pear flowers to divert nutrients so that the trunk would grow bigger. The pear trees were growing very well in the backyard. One of the cherry trees wasn’t doing well. But since we need two of them to pollinate, we’ll replace the bad one next spring. The grapevines grew taller and I hope we can have some grapes next season.

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