2015 Ski Season Review

The Experience

We went from not knowing how to put boots on to skiing on the green lane gracefully and flying on the blue lane. The experience was challenging at the start, but none of us ever had any thoughts of giving up. Now after weeks of practice, we enjoy it so much and are happy to have acquired this skill. The fun made me have less winter blues from our long, cold, snowy winter. After all the years we’ve been living in this environment, I’m finally taking advantage of it. Skiing actually makes me look forward to next winter.

The Cost

  • Discounted ski lessons and equipment rentals: $223.05 x 2 = $446.10 (That’s a deep discount)
  • Ski helmets: $15 + $35 = $50 (Used)
  • Ski goggles: $15 x 2 = $30 (Adventurer Jr. II wore one pair, and I wore my sunglasses)
  • Balaclavas: $2 x 2 = $4 (We only used them on the first day, so these are not necessary)
  • Ski wrist bands: $14 x 2 = $28 (Only I was using them)

The final cost totals to $558.10. It was well worth it for the skill, fun and experience. Next season, we’ll get Adventurer Jr. hooked on skiing. We just need to buy him a ski helmet. He can use the goggle that’s intended for me and the wrist bands that intended for Adventurer Jr. II. Adventurer Jr. II is on his way to get to the black diamond lanes next season. Although Adventurer Jr. III wanted to learn ski as well, he needs to wait until he is eight-years-old to join. Meanwhile, he’ll just have to listen to us talking about how fun it is.

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