2016 – 2017 Debate Season Review

The Experience

Adventurer Jr. did LD debate again this year. He needed to participate in eight tournaments to letter, which was two more than last year and it meant that he could only miss three of the scheduled tournaments. He fulfilled the lettering requirement again and got his letter for the second year. After that a BQD opportunity presented itself, and he competed in State Novice BQD for the first time and placed 8th. He also participated in a BQD fundraiser and claimed the champion. After that, he participated in debate (BQD) National Qualifier.

Adventurer Jr. II participated in PF and competed in five tournaments with three different partners. He was the second speaker and his team did really well. He got one fourth place, one third place, and three first places in Jr. Varsity division as shown below.

  • 11-12-2016 Brecksville Broadview Heights: 2-2 Fourth place
  • 12-10-2016 Vermillion: 4-0 got a First place ribbon but website listed as Second place
  • 12-17-2016 Hathaway Brown: 3-0 Third place
  • 1-21-2017 Maumee: 2-0 First place
  • 1-28-2017 Solon: 3-0 First place

He also participated in a BQD fundraiser. He became a member of the NJFL (National Junior Forensic League) at the end of the season. He wore one of the suits that we bought for Adventurer Jr. last year. Adventurer Jr. II didn’t cost us much financially for this regular season of debate.

His coach selected him to participate in Middle School Nationals. The Nationals will be in Birmingham, Alabama. from June 21st and 23rd according to Middle School National manual.

The Cost: $562.75

  • Adventurer Jr. Booster Fee: $50
  • Adventurer Jr. Coaching Fee by a PF coach because I wasn’t able to find him an LD coach: $35 + $195 + $70 + $31 = $331
  • Lunch fee on competition days for Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II: $95
  • Dry cleaning fee for two sets of suits: $30
  • Team fundraising at Chick-fil-A and Chipotle: $30.75
  • Adventurer Jr. II shirt and tie: $26


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