2016 Ski Season Review

The Experience

This special membership was only offered to students this year, I wasn’t able to join, so I decided to not ski this year.

Adventurer Jr. wanted to try ski but since he was on the swim team and wasn’t allowed to do ski at the same time period per swim team, so he went another year without skiing.

Adventurer Jr. II, on the other hand, was able to join the club again this year. He had a blast this season again. But he had a conflict with the first lesson, so he skipped it. Since he was skiing on one of the black lanes already last season, he had a refresher course on dark blue lane for second lesson and went on to black lane lesson for the third lesson and got black diamond. He skied on all three black diamond lanes before lesson three was over. Then he did black lane lesson again for lesson four. Unfortunately, he missed lesson five as well due to other activities. He went back for only two more mornings on his own to ski. Then the ski season was over and the rest of the ski sessions per his membership were wasted.

The good thing was that he had perfected skiing in two seasons. The younger you learn something, the quicker you’ll master it.

He will not be joining ski club anymore since he’d be having many conflicts from now on.

The Cost: $223.05

  • Club membership including equipments renting, five lessons and four more times skiing on one’s own: $223.05
  • Adventurer Jr. II didn’t need to buy a new helmet this year

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