2017 MathCON Regional and National Competitions

Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II took 45 minutes online 45 multiple choice MathCON questions on Feb. 28th, 2017. They scored 296 and 306 out of 320, respectively and ranked 2nd and 7th in Midwest region out of 49,685 contestants nationwide in six regions. They qualified for MathCON Nationals again this year in Chicago. We were going back to Chicago again! The Nationals was scheduled on April 22nd, 2017.

We ordered a huge pizza and some wings with coupon from Mr. G’s to bring on the trip for dinner. We also brought several oranges and bottled water. Since we learned that our compact car wasn’t comfy enough for the kids last year, we rented a van this time to have more room. We left home Friday right after school.

We stopped at a service plaza around 7 pm and enjoyed our yummy but inexpensive dinner. We still had more than half of the pizza left.

We arrived at our pre-booked hotel in Indiana before 11 at night. Everyone went to bed soon after.

Saturday morning, we drove another 50 minutes to UIC after eating free breakfast at our hotel. We got them checked in and waited in the UIC Forum auditorium. Around 576 students came for the Nationals.

After the students were escorted by proctors to their testing rooms, we left UIC Forum and walked toward Little Italy on Taylor street. We decided to go in Al’s Italian Beef. The joint had no seatings inside, although there were two long aluminum high counters for putting food on so customers could stand and eat inside. Since it’s such a beautiful day, we opted to eat outside. They had a small parking lot and several picnic tables with sun umbrellas. There were other customers as well. We sat and enjoyed our Italian beef sandwiches. The sandwich tasted very good. The bread looked like the ones you’d get from Subway. The beef, however, was what differentiated it from other places. It was tender, juicy, and sliced thin, topped with cooked green pepper. I should try to cook it for my kids as packed lunch with pita wraps.

I couldn’t help but took a picture of the Willis Tower on our way back to UIC Forum.

Willis Tower

Willis Tower

They were serving pizza and drinks to parents as well this time, so the three of us got a slice of pizza and a drink each. Adventurer Jr. and Jr. II were eating with their friends at a table far away from us.

Everyone went back to the auditorium again. We were entertained by the In Jest Variety Show for one hour. Game 24 followed. No one we knew got picked randomly for the game this time.

Awards ceremony was the last item. Adventurer Jr. II got a Silver medal with a $100 check. Adventurer Jr. didn’t get anything this time because he ranked 20th nationally, unfortunately. But he would work harder and come back next year.

We left the UIC Forum immediately after because we’d have six hours of driving to get back home. Adventurer Jr. and Jr. II ate leftover pizza when they were hungry and we didn’t stop at a service plaza until 9:30 pm. We ordered 15 pieces of fried chicken nuggets to go with our leftover pizza for dinner. And we still had leftover pizza for next morning. Finally, we arrived home at 12 midnight.

Financial Implications: $501

  • Hotel 2 rooms for one night in Indiana: $130
  • Rental van for two days: $145
  • UIC Parking: $10
  • Toll: $60
  • Gas: $75
  • Dinner on Friday: $15
  • Milk and fruit/vegetable drinks for the kids: $15
  • Lunch on Saturday @ Al’s Italian Beef Sandwiches @ $7 each: $21
  • Dinner @ service plaza on Saturday: $15
  • MathCON T-shirt: $15

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