A day in Lost Wages, Nevada

The Experience

No one had a good sleep and everyone got up early in the morning. We ate bagels and drank orange juices provided by the hotel after our morning routine. I was expecting milk and boiled eggs for cheap protein, but even that was too much to ask. There was absolutely no protein provided for breakfast.

It’s still very early, so we went to a little market next to our hotel to kill some time. Adventurer Jr. III liked a stuffed monkey with a little blanket on its back so we bought it for him and we got a t-shirt at a deep discount for Mr. Adventurer. We also got six bottled water for $3. After spending $18.08, we still had a long time before we could go to our main attraction that day, so we walked a little farther to a CVS down the road and bought a tube of FPS 50 Sunscreen that cost $11.67. They were selling bottled water too but at a cheaper price.

Tropical Plants seen by the road side

Tropical Plants seen by the road side

We started walking to the Adventuredome indoor air-conditioned amusement park as soon as it opened. We could see it from our hotel, but the door was no where to be found. After asking people, we learned that we had to go through the Circus Circus casino. The casino was huge. It had sections of hotel, food courts and restaurants, retail stores, and Adventuredome. Parents were not required to buy any tickets. We bought 2 regular passes at $31.95 per ticket and one Junior pass at $17.95 for Adventurer Jr. III. Since we had a $12 coupon, we paid $68 in total. The passes were good until midnight. And one could get out and get back in. Not many people were there yet, and there was no line for any rides.

Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II did all the violent rides. I was the photographer and hoped that none of the scary full-sized roller coasters would have any malfunctioning. There were limited things Adventurer Jr. could do, but he enjoyed all he could. They played until almost 12:30 pm. We saw a short funny clown show before we headed out.

We then walked back to the hotel to fetch our car and drive for 5 minutes to Little Tony’s for lunch. Guess where did we finally find Little Tony’s? Inside of another casino. Everyone had a big appetite. We ordered Fried Calamari, and 6 meat balls for appetizer. For main course we had family sized My Cousin Vinny’s Pizza, family sized Chicken Alfredo, and a Calzone for Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II to share. The Alfredo was ready the last and it came with a basket of bread that we hadn’t known of. After eating the Alfredo, we were all full. We packed 2 pieces of leftover pizza and the bread. The total came to $80.03. Because we had a $50 off coupon, we only paid $30.03 and left $10 tip. The food was very good quality and satisfying.

Then we were trying to go back to Adventuredome to finish the smooth actions that they hadn’t done in the morning. I saw a Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Jewelry stand on my way there inside Circus Circus. As I was looking, a pair of white Tiger’s-eye dangling earrings caught my eye, for Tiger’s-eye was usually brown. They were on a special sale for $19.99. If the base was really Sterling Silver, I thought the price was good. But as the plating wore off unevenly, the silver below would have a different texture than the plated surface. The exposed silver would tarnish, resembling plaque psoriasis. I usually don’t buy plated jewelry because of this. As I was contemplating, the lady who was in charge of the stand started talking to me and told me that her jewelry was from Germany, and Sterling Silver was easily getting tarnished, but after dipping in rhodium, it’s shiny like white gold and required no maintenance. Somehow she grew interested in the fan/hat that I was carrying and wasn’t trying to sell me her jewelry anymore. She said it’s very pretty, there’s a market for it in the desert and would like to be my wholesale person if I decided to go into business. I asked for her business card and continued to Adventuredome.

We were back to Adventuredome around 2:30 pm. By this time, the facility was packed with people. Long lines formed for almost every ride.

There was a Hat and Tie stand that caught Adventurer Jr.’s eye. They were sound activated. Different sections of the ties/hats would flash when there’s loud sound. The ties were selling for $30 each and a little battery was needed in a little pocket behind the tie. Adventurer Jr. thought it’s too expensive and passed on it.

They continued where they left off before lunch. After they finished everything it’s around 6 pm. We decided to leave.

For dinner, we bought 2 turkey pitas and a package of 15 bottled water and three 14 fl oz (414 ml) bottles of milk at CVS, along with the leftover lunch from Little Tony’s. Total cost of dinner was $19.61.

Around 8 pm when the neon lights started to flash and the temperature was tolerable, we left the hotel and planned to walk half of the Strip. But Adventurer Jr. III grew tired and sleepy quickly after a day’s action in the Adventuredome. Mr. Adventurer took him back to the hotel while I walked with Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II because they wanted to pick out their t-shirts as souvenirs. Adventurer Jr. got two t-shirts ($15.11 and $10.81) and Adventurer Jr. II. got one ($10.81) for a total of $36.73. I liked all three designs and colors that they selected. We walked back to the hotel around 10:00 pm.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus

Treasure Island. What caught my eye was the CVS open 24 hours sign. Many stores and eateries operate like that on the Strip.

Treasure Island. What caught my eye was the CVS open 24 hours sign. Many stores and eateries operate like that on the Strip.

A little Water Fountain show

A little Water Fountain show. We walked back to our hotel after seeing that.

We stayed at the same hotel as last night. The only thing that’s functioning properly was the old window air conditioner. It did give out big noise though. But we were grateful at least it produced cold air in the desert and we had a roof over our head. Tomorrow was another day. A wonderful day, hopefully.

Financial Implications of the Day: Would’ve Cost: $285.12, Actual Cost: $194.12

  • Hotel with free breakfast and Wi-Fi by Circus Circus: $79, cost us 0


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