I’m a retired-from-the-corporate-world mom of three wonderful young kids.

I am tracking parts of my investment (Traditional IRA (M), Traditional IRA (W) and Roth IRA) progress toward financial independence in this blog. The Traditional IRAs were partial rollovers from my former 401(K), mainly because of the fees. They can eat up a lot of net worth overtime. Besides, no one cares about my money more than I do. And no, I will not combine the above mentioned two IRAs. Right now, they are in two brokerages, and I get the best value from both companies. I also like to have them in different brokerages, just like I never put all of my nest eggs in one stock. I also get free trades from both brokerages. Even though I have them in three separate accounts, I will treat them as one portfolio. I’ll record all trades, monthly dividends, investing ideas, and lessons learned for these accounts under the “Investing” menu. I’m not in a hurry to tap into these retirement investments for several decades, so my investment strategy is not a good fit for everyone. Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling any positions.

I want to be self-sufficient in growing my own organic vegetables and fruits for at least the summer. With surplus, I would gladly can or dehydrate them for the rest of the year. Adventurer Jr. II loves plants, and he will help me germinate the seeds, check on the health of the plants, watering them, and harvesting them. I believe fruits and vegetables grown without chemicals and pesticide are healthier. These articles will be filed in the “Gardening” menu.

I occasionally go out to restaurants on holidays, birthdays, trips, etc. and buy/eat prepared/processed food when I don’t feel like cooking. I’m consciously avoiding it as much as possible, though. I try to cook/bake most of the foods from scratch to avoid artificial additives. I’ll post (healthy) recipes, pictures, and cooking tips under the “Cooking” menu, instead of writing and keeping them on index cards, which is so yesteryear, I know. 😉

I also do various things to keep myself in shape, other than eating a healthy diet. I will keep them under the “Fitness” menu:

  • I practice Martial Arts and have had formal training in Tan Soo Do and Isshinryu Karate. Right now, I’m a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II are also taking Tae Kwon Do classes with me. And since our membership includes Muay Thai, Adventurer Jr. and I will start that next June. I am also planning to learn Tai Chi sometime in the future. Any Martial Arts related events will be posted under the “Martial Arts” submenu.
  • I also do Yoga twice per week. I use my family membership at my health center for free Yoga classes. Adventurer Jr. will also start soon. Yoga classes at a Yoga studio could cost a gazillion. I’m grateful my health center fee covers that. I will record my progress under the “Yoga” submenu.
  • My health center also has a pool. I can swim there without extra cost, which I definitely take advantage of. Adventurer Jr. II teaches me because he has already learned how to swim and has been for almost 4 years. He is proficient in every stroke, freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, side stroke, and butterfly.  After I graduate from Adventurer Jr. II.’s class, he will move on to teach Adventurer Jr. III. I will keep things related to swimming under the “Swimming” submenu.

I like to visit places. Traveling costs money and ultimately affects my financial health. I will document my travel experiences and expenses under the “Travel” menu.

The “DIY” menu is reserved for DIY projects in and around my house.

The “Other” menu is sort of a catch all for things that don’t belong in the above mentioned categories.

To sum it up, I want to live my life to my fullest potential.

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