Alaska Trip Prep

This spring, we are traveling to Alaska! It’s still months away, I know. But I can’t hide my excitement. In order to make it a trip of a life time, proper planning is a must, especially since it’s still pretty cold in Alaska. So the utmost priority is to keep us warm so we are still in the mood to explore. We’ll keep our body dry to prevent heat loss and wear 3 layers of clothes for warmth. We’ll have

  • Waterproof Snow Pants – All still fit everyone
  • Waterproof Winter Coats – All still fit everyone and they all have a hood
  • Wool Sweater – Everyone has one. Fleece or wool work really well here.
  • Wool/Cotton Thermo Pants and Tops – Everyone has one. Avoid cotton; if you end up sweating, cotton will just make you cold.
  • Wool Socks – We’ll need to buy it for everyone. Wear only one pair! Multiple layers of socks will restrict bloodflow and will actually cause your feet to get colder. Edited on 1/3/2014: Bought 75% wool adult socks for $5 per pair.
  • Snow Boots – We’ll need to try on the boots after we have the wool socks.
  • Waterproof Gloves/mittens – Everyone has a pair
  • Wool Hat – Everyone has one except me, so I’ll go shopping for that.  Edited on 1-3-2014:  I have a 100% wool hat which I bought in Detroit, MI. years ago, but it doesn’t cover my ears. I tried it on with the brim unfolded today, and it fitted better. I’m not sure whether you’re supposed to wear it like that, but I like it, and it’s warm. That’s all that matters. Use what I already have instead of spend money on more stuff to clutter my life; I like that even better.
  • Wool Scarves – Everyone has one. Mine isn’t as warm though, so I’ll need to buy one. Edited on 1-3-2014: Ordered it.
  • Surgery Face Mask – To keep our pretty faces warm if needed. Edited on 4-5-2014: didn’t  need this
  • Hot Water Bags – This is for extreme weather. We have 2 bigger ones and 2 smaller ones. I just need to find them… Edited on 4-5-2014: didn’t bring these

Added 1-5-2014

  • Homemade pickled ginger. Edited on 4-5-2014: didn’t bring this
  • Homemade hot chocolate mix.  Edited on 4-5-2014: didn’t bring this
  • Fleece blankets (instead of extremely uncomfortable travel pillows)

Added 1-6-2014

  • First-Aid kit
  • Swim suits for hot springs
  • 2 thermos in a thermo lunch bag for hot chocolates when we are out in the cold. Edited on 4-5-2014: didn’t bring this
  • 2 backpacks to carry stuff when outside
  • Snacks

Added 1-18-2014

  • Electric Skillet
  • Practice on biofeedback? 😉


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