An Exciting Day at Xcaret

The day before we left, the local weather forecast for today was several thunder storms. I didn’t trust the forecast and went with my gut to stick with today. We bought Xcerat Plus for $438.6 USD twenty-one days in advance and we got a deal for using Master Card for a second day free standard admission. We also bought swimming with dolphins at Primax at Delphinus Xcaret at 11:30 AM for $558. This was our most expensive day there in Mexico and we planned to enjoy it as much as possible. We’d get all water activities done today since we don’t need pay extra for lockers and snorkel equipments. We’d eat at an authentic Mexican restaurant in Xcerat since food and drinks were covered by Xcaret Plus and watch the shows until closing time. I was afraid that my plan would get ruined if it rained but it turned out that my decision was right. It was a beautiful sunny day.

We left our hotel at 8:00 AM. Not long after that, we got pulled over in Hotel Zone border. The police asked us several questions like where did we stay and where we were going. And told us to slow down and let us go. Then he went to talk to the car in front of us that got pulled over as well. He talked to the driver in Español. Then the driver came to talk to us in English and said that she was a Canada Consulate and wanted to make sure that the police didn’t gave us trouble. We really appreciated that she was looking out for us, but I was kinda puzzled why. Later we googled the web and found that there were people got pulled over and detained for no reason by Mexican police, to save their time and trouble of not knowing much Español, they just paid up and got out. We were glad that didn’t happen to us.

We thought we arrived Xcaret at 9:30 AM, but actually it’s 10:30 AM. Somehow, we got the time messed up. After we got our wrist bands, it’s almost 11 AM, and we needed to get to the Delphinus at 11:15 AM.


We walked swiftly to the back of the park on time, changed to swim suits, and put life jackets on. After we placed our stuff in the lockers, it was time to enter the water. Whew, that was a close call. Had we been late, we’d have missed the activities, and no money would be refunded. Luck was on our side, indeed.

Our dolphin was a twenty-five year-old female named Fanny. First, we felt the satiny-smooth surface of her back. We also “kissed” her, handshake, and signaled her to splash the water. After, the trainer asked us to hold hands and form a big circle. Then, Fanny would swim around us. She also jumped over us after we had formed a straight line and swirled after being signaled.

The most amazing and thrilling experience was the foot push. First, we floated on the water one-by-one. Then, two dolphins propelled us up and out of the water with their noses to glide waist-high across the surface. The poses reminded me of a scene in Titanic, except in water, instead of on a ship. In conclusion, the foot push proved to be the highlight of the dolphin activities.


Soon, one hour had passed, and we had to exit the water. We were asked to check our pictures and videos out. There were three packages: one with just pictures for $158 USD or something like that, another one with pictures and videos for $298 USD, and we didn’t even pay attention to the last one since it costed so much. The photographers did a great job. We wanted both pictures and videos, so we purchased the second option. The second option listed for $4,321 pesos or $298 USD. The exchange rate is 1 USD to 15.2 pesos. After calculating, we would save about $14 USD if we paid in pesos. We also negotiated to receive three 8 x 10 pictures with Delphinus frames for free, which would’ve costed $29 x 3 = $87 USD. We were very happy with the deal.

Next, we snorkeled at the Manatee Lagoon. Since we purchased Xcaret Plus, we didn’t spend anything for snorkeling equipment. When we were done, they gave us the mouthpieces to keep.

An Iguana by the lagoon

An iguana by the lagoon

Later, we visited the Underground Rivers. There were three rivers: the Paradise (no tunnels), Maya (half tunnels), and Manatee (mostly tunnels) rivers. We chose the Maya river. It was about 2100+ yards, or a little longer than one mile. The water was a little cold, and the route was too long for enjoyment without excursion. We regretted that we didn’t wear flippers, which could’ve made the journey quicker. Adventurer Jr., Adventurer Jr. II and I were helping each other out while Mr. Adventurer and Adventurer Jr. III left from the emergency exit midway. I was proud that I finished the entire river. My swimsuit was stinky for many days after though (I finally got rid of the smell after we returned).

Part of the Maya river

Part of the Mayan river

We planned to eat at La Cocina, but since we were all very hungry after surviving the Maya river, and the La Laguna Restaurant was right around the corner, we decided to eat there, which was included in our Xcaret Plus package as well. The waiter fixed Mr. Adventurer and me a tequila for $110 pesos. That was out of my character, but I thought since we were there we might as well taste the authentic drink. It was very good. Also, I tried grilled cactus for the first time. It was succulent but not that tasty. After we were satisfied, we left the waiter a nice tip.

The drink

The drink

Then, I took Adventurer Jr. II to the Bromeliads and Orchids Greenhouse while the rest of the gang rested.

Pretty flowers

Pretty flowers

After that, we met up and watched the horse show at 5:30 PM. 

Grand entrance

Grand entrance

After, the Xcaret at Night! Spectacular started showing in the Theater. The two-hour culture show began at 7 PM. The show was great. We could tell that much effort was put into the production.

The theater


We arrived back at our car around 9:30 PM, satisfied and exhausted.

It was a fun, exciting, thrilling, and lucky day. It couldn’t have been better than this.

Next in the series: Cultural Encounters


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