Apocalypse Survival Guide

Last week, Adventurer Jr. suggested we should write a disaster survival guide specific to us.

First, we’ll need a fire source for cooking and boiling water. The easiest source is a fire pit in the back yard. Trees are abundant outside, so fuel isn’t a problem. To start a fire, we can use collected lint from the dryer. You can buy it in stores as well, but I’d rather use my own.

Next on the agenda is food. This spring we’ll plant vegetables and fruit trees, and hopefully, we’ll have a good harvest and there will be plenty leftovers for canning. We have taken a lot of things for granted in this modern age. When disaster strikes, we probably won’t be able to drive a car to a grocery store. Food storage is a must.

In the backyard, we have a small creek. This should provide a sustainable source of water.

Also, we’ll need a sustainable source of electricity. The first thing that came to my mind is a solar panel. Instead of the whole shebang, we can have solar panels on a small scale that generate some electricity to power a flashlight and a space heater, etc.

What if the air is polluted. How can we get clean air? Face masks?

I can’t help but recall the Maslow Hierarchy chart that I studied years ago. Basically in a disaster situation, take care of lower level needs first. If all we worry about is what to eat, drink and how to keep warm etc., our brain has no room to think of higher level needs, such as TV, XBOX, vodka, and articles 🙂 .Well, if my computer is still working…

After we take care of these basic needs, for entertainment, we’ll count the stars, stare at the clouds, look at birds, practice martial arts and tell stories from yesteryear and dreams we once had 😉 .

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