Traditional IRA (M) Trades

11-26-2013 I bought 20 shares, that pay monthly dividends, of O at $38 per share, which in total costed $760. That brings the total share I have in this account to 167. I have had my eyes set on O for awhile. Even though the price is higher than buying in bulk, I don’t know when or if it will drop to my price, so I went ahead and bought some again. I don’t mind holding them for long term. … Continue reading >>

Thanksgiving 2013 Feast Menu

11-25-2013 Thanksgiving is around the corner, and I’m planning on what to prepare for our family feast. The menu will include: Oven-roasted Turkey Baked Coconut Shrimp Fish Filet with Garlic, Mint and Lime Sauce Mashed Potatoes Corn on the Cob Steamed Lobster Baked Yam Deep-fried Calamari Cranberry fruit Relish Pumpkin Pie Croissants Fruit plate arrangement: Kiwis Oranges Bananas Watermelon … Continue reading >>

Feeding Time

11-24-2013 After lunch today, I took Adventurer Jr. II and III to a free educational program at our local nature reserve. Biology is one of Adventurer Jr. II’s favorite subjects, so you can guess how excited he was. At the program, my kids got to feed a frog, a snake, and a salamander. When it was time to feed the snake, Adventurer Jr. III dropped a worm into it’s cage. It was his first time touching a worm, and he … Continue reading >>

Yoga Class

11-24-2013 After eating breakfast, I took Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II to the pool. They swam, while I took Yoga class in the group exercise room. We did a lot of twisting during class today. Marichyasana, also called Marichi’s pose, means “ray of light”. Ardha Matsyendrasana is also known as “half lord of the fishes” pose. They stimulate the spine and digestive system. We also practiced Trikonasana, or Triangle pose; Parighasana, also called Gate pose; Virabhadrasana II, a more … Continue reading >>

To Solar, or Not to Solar, that is the Question

11-23-2013 My electric bill is around $100 per month. I always thought that I should have solar panels on my roof to produce electricity. It’s green, therefore better for the environment. I could switch to a space heater to take advantage of the electricity generated by the solar panel. And I don’t need to depend on the power company for my electricity needs. The upfront cost could be high and I might not be able to recoup the initial investment … Continue reading >>

2013 Taekwondo tournament in Detroit

11-23-2013 Today, Adventurer Jr. and I attended a meeting regarding an upcoming Taekwondo tournament in Detroit. Our master gave a speech about how hard this tournament has been and how good those competitors are. Adventurer Jr. decided not to compete in the sparring event, partly because he is at the bottom of his age division, which makes it harder to win. On top of that, he isn’t experienced enough, since he has only competed twice under his belt. There will … Continue reading >>

Swim Lesson

11-23-2013 Adventurer Jr. II watched me while I was swimming freestyle in the pool today. Now I can swim half the pool, even though I still have to push off the wall. He said that it’s time for some improvement, so he demonstrated how to do push offs underwater. That improved my swimming abilities greatly. I remember when I first started swimming in August. During my first several swims, I felt very afraid and thought that I would drown (which … Continue reading >>