Deep-fried Calamari

Ingredients: 2 to 3 cups cooking oil, for frying 1 package of cleaned calamari, tubes cut into 1/2 inch rings and legs 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Add the oil to a small fry pan and heat up. Combine the flour, pepper and salt. Toss 1/3 of the calamari in the seasoned flour. Carefully drop the calamari into the hot oil. The oil should bubble gently. When the calamari looks pale golden, remove from … Continue reading >>

Bought DLR, HCP, CTL and O

Today I bought these stocks in the Traditional IRA (M) account: 10 shares of DLR at $44.87 per share. This is a new position in this account. 10 shares of HCP at $36 per share. Now I have 20 shares in this account. The cost basis is $36.85. 10 shares of CTL at $30 per share. This is a new position in this account. 40 shares of O at $37.61 per share. Now I have 207 shares in this account. … Continue reading >>

November 2013 Dividends

In the month of November, I was paid $151.20 in the Roth IRA account $558.51 in the Traditional IRA (W) account $61.24 in Traditional IRA (M) account The total for these accounts is $770.95. I have dividends automatically reinvested for all of the stocks in Roth IRA and Traditional IRA (W) accounts right now. Now I’m thinking of reinvesting dividends for core holdings only. I intend to hold core holdings for life, so it’s nice to have it ride along … Continue reading >>

Aftermath of Thanksgiving feast – Turkey Salad

Finally, we finished most of the Thanksgiving leftovers today, but we still have a lot of turkey left. So I pulled the meat off, placed them on a plate, and poured some of the leftover Cranberry fruit Relish on top to make a salad for dinner. It was so delicious, and everyone liked it. They even asked for more. Adventurer Jr. II suggested to have the salad for lunch tomorrow, which I think will use the rest of the turkey. … Continue reading >>

Bought MCD in Traditional IRA (M)

Today, the stock market had a little sale. I was able to buy 10 shares of MCD at $96.5 per share in IRA(M) account. MCD is my tier 1 holding, and I have almost full position in the IRA(W) account. I bought these shares for trading purposes only, since the price is higher than what I want for long term. It fluctuates between $96 and $98.5 recently. I’ll sell it when it moves to the higher range. If it falls … Continue reading >>

Detroit Trip Prep

12-2-2013 We are planning on driving to Detroit to watch a Tae Kwon Do tournament this weekend. We’ve already booked a hotel, one that provides free continental breakfast. I’ll also prepare some finger food for us on the road. It seems colder this winter, so we also need to bring extra winter clothes. Sounds like I have things in order, right? Until something happens… … Continue reading >>

First Lesson on Backstroke

11-30-2013 In today’s swim lesson, I swam half the pool freestyle. After that, Adventurer Jr. II started me on backstroke. He first taught me the kick. Your legs need to be straight, just like freestyle. He even went underwater to make sure that I was doing it correctly. After, Adventure Jr. II demonstrated how to push the water with your arms. I was able to swim the entire length of the pool several times. I think backstroke is easier to … Continue reading >>

Spring Planning

11-29-2013 Winter has just begun, but I can’t wait for warmer weather again, and it will still be months before I can do anything in the garden. I still wanted to jog down my thoughts regarding it anyways. Right now, I have 8 raised beds in the back yard. One of them has chives growing in it. And it has been doing pretty well. Nothing needs to be done to that one. Another bed has celery growing in it. The … Continue reading >>

No Investment Opportunity

11-29-2013 Today is Black Friday. I don’t have the urge to go out in the cold or online to get any deals because I don’t need or want any material possessions at this time. The stock market closed early at 1 PM. I was hoping to get some steals on business ownerships. But no, the stock market went up for most of the session, and only came down 10 minutes or so before close, and left me empty handed. I … Continue reading >>