Tabata Lesson One

1-7-2014 Finally today, I got around to trying the Tabata class out. We worked with a 25 kg (55 lbs) power medical ball the entire session. We swung it, did push ups with it, jumped with it, twisted with it, even held it between our knees while doing sit-ups. You name it, we did it. It was a good workout, and I liked it. Holding that ball steady with hand(s), feet, or knees is challenging in itself. Too bad Adventurer … Continue reading >>

Apocalypse Survival Guide

Last week, Adventurer Jr. suggested we should write a disaster survival guide specific to us. First, we’ll need a fire source for cooking and boiling water. The easiest source is a fire pit in the backyard. Trees are abundant outside, so fuel isn’t a problem. To start a fire, we can use collected lint from the dryer. You can buy it in stores as well, but I’d rather use my own. Next on the agenda is food. This spring we’ll … Continue reading >>

Solar Panel

Everything will degrade over time, and solar panels are no exception. A good quality and well-maintained solar panel can last around 40 years with good output, and most manufacturers will offer a warranty of 25 years. Solar panels are delicate systems that are designed to be installed in a safe location. The only semi-safe place for us is on the roof. Even then, that raises the challenge of cleaning them regularly. Also, it might get hit by lightning (this is … Continue reading >>

Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: 2 cups of nonfat dry milk powder 3/4 cup of powdered sugar 1/2 cup of Dutch cocoa powder 1/2 cup of mini semisweet chocolate chips 1/8 teaspoon of salt 1 pinch of cayenne pepper powder to taste 1 pinch of cinnamon powder to taste 1 pinch of ginger powder to taste Directions: Measure all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk them until they are evenly blended. Store the mix in an airtight container at room temperature … Continue reading >>

Cold Winter

This winter is very cold and snowy. I recall when we traveled to an orchard in the fall, and the apples were huge and tasty. There was an old saying that a nice harvest of apples means that nature somehow knows the winter will be cold. That’s nature’s way of providing extra food for the cold winter. I didn’t wish for a cold winter and was skeptical at that time. What about global warming? I guess the old folk’s rule … Continue reading >>