Bought a solid Oak Roll Top Desk

The desk I had used for several years was small and was one of Harmony House line by Sears, which dated it back to 1940 – 1968. I bought it at a very low price from a Salvation Army store. It was made of solid wood and that’s the other reason I bought it besides the price even though it was in a weird refinished color. This past summer I spray painted it to a shade of blue because that’s the theme color of my office. I have wanted to upgrade to a better desk for a while and been searching for the right one.

I saw a custom-built solid oak roll top desk listed on local Craigslist for sale. After initial contact, they told me that they had a special wood company built it in Florida for $1,800 in 1992 and have had it since then. When they moved up here years ago, they brought it with them. Their children were out of their house now and they were selling due to downsizing to a smaller house. The top piece could be taken apart for transport and they could deliver for additional $50.

I took Adventurer Jr. II to see it with me. The roll top desk was in their home office inside a nice and clean house. There were scratches and nicks from their 25 years of daily use, but the structure looked very good. The contents of the desk weren’t cleared yet and I couldn’t tell more about the inside. The roll top worked well without any damages. I liked the color too. It matched my hardwood floor outside my office. To my delight, there’s a matching oak chair that wasn’t mentioned in the ads. I knew this was the piece that I wanted. I didn’t negotiate the price because I thought it’s very reasonable already. I gave them a $30 deposit and scheduled to have it delivered to my home office next week.

The husband cleared the desk out, disassembled it, with the help of his son and his son’s friend, they moved the top piece on the truck. They loaded the bottom part on a trailer behind the truck along with the chair. Everything was wrapped up and secured for transport. All pieces arrived in decent condition.

They used a rolling cart to get the bottom part moved inside first. Then they got the top part in and assembled the two pieces back together. The three of them moved the desk to exactly where I wanted in my office. It’s a massive heavy piece of furniture at 60+ inches wide and 34 inches deep.

I’m very happy with the desk. It only cost me $250 including delivery and install. It’s a good quality piece of furniture that I’d appreciate, cherish and use for many years to come.

My old desk had served its purpose well and now it belonged to Adventurer Jr. III when he was in my office doing stuff.

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