Bought MCD in Traditional IRA (M)

Today, the stock market had a little sale. I was able to buy 10 shares of MCD at $96.5 per share in IRA(M) account. MCD is my tier 1 holding, and I have almost full position in the IRA(W) account. I bought these shares for trading purposes only, since the price is higher than what I want for long term. It fluctuates between $96 and $98.5 recently. I’ll sell it when it moves to the higher range. If it falls below, I’ll buy more. MCD is one of the stocks that if I’m stuck with it, I’m OK with it. I was hoping to buy more stocks, but they aren’t close enough to the limit orders that I had set. I almost modified my orders to get them, but I recall when I did that before, the prices always came down to where I wanted and even lower. I need to remind myself to take emotion out of it and stick to my plan.

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