2015 AAU Taekwondo Nationals

The 2015 AAU Taekwondo National Championships will be hosted from June 29th to July 4th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Sparring is in the first half of the week and forms in the second half. It will take about 18 hours nonstop by car or 3 hours by air. If we are going, we’d plan a vacation around it. Estimated Nonstop Gas Costs: $500 Estimated Hotel Costs: 2 days of travel x 2 (round trip) = 4 days, + 3 days at the venue site … Continue reading >>

2015 USA Taekwondo Nationals Trip Prep

The 2015 USA Taekwondo Nationals will be hosted in Austin, Texas. Unlike 2014 Nationals,  we’ll plan our family vacation around this event. Estimated Driving Nonstop Hour: 21 hours Estimated Nonstop Gas Costs: $500+ Estimated Van Rental: $900+. Do we really need to rent a van? Yes. Estimated Hotel: About 14+ nights? Need to get the ones that have swimming pools when heading to Austin, Texas. It doesn’t matter that much on the way back. Passing States/Cities: Columbus, Ohio (no sightseeing period) Louisville, … Continue reading >>

2014 Taekwondo Season Review

Performance: Adventurer Jr. won all his games except the USAT nationals. State level games he had participated and won: Eric Rose Memorial Championship in Michigan on 5-17-2014, First Place. 2014 USA Taekwondo National Qualifier in Indiana (2014 Indiana State Championships) on 4-12-2014, First Place. 2014 AAU Taekwondo National Qualifier in Ohio on 3-8-2014, First Place. Total Competition Fee: $432.5 USAT: $120 USAT Qualifier: $90 AAU Qualifier: $70 Eric Rose Memorial: $60 Local Tournament: $92.5 Total Trip Actual Costs: $1242.29 USAT: $944.44 USAT Qualifier: … Continue reading >>

2014 USA Taekwondo Nationals in San José

Competition Adventurer Jr. fought well in his first nationals on July the 6th, 2014. The score was 15-17. He lost by 2 points. Regardless, he was a strong taekwondo fighter and had the ability to win, but lost that chance, which was unfortunate. The person he lost to got the gold at the end. No matter what, I’m very proud of Adventurer Jr. Lessons Learned: NeedtoreadtheUSAT rules one week before the tournament: Points were awarded to his opponent when he … Continue reading >>

San José Trip Prep

I’m taking Adventurer Jr. To San José for his USA Taekwondo Nationals. My time zone is 3 hours ahead of San José time. Things to bring: ID – birth certificate or passport (If confirmed, don’t need it) USAT Membership card and Student ID (If confirmed, they didn’t check them, but bring them nonetheless) Insurance Card Competition Confirmation printout, must bring Backpacks – 2 (1 for fighting gear, 1 for electronics, and misc) Taekwondo uniform and belt, paddle, all pads Spectator Ticket … Continue reading >>

2014 Eric Rose Memorial Championship

Today Adventurer Jr. fought the Olympic sparring at the Eric Rose Memorial Championship and won. While I was there with him, Mr. Adventurer took Adventurer Jr. II and III to Belle Isle. Total cost: Would’ve Cost: $232; Actual: $132 Competition fee: $60 Spectator fee: $7 Gas: $50 Toll: $15 Hotel: Would’ve cost $100; Actual: free … Continue reading >>

2014 USA Taekwondo National Qualifier in Indiana

We drove 5 hours to Indiana for Adventurer Jr.’s state qualifier (2014 Indiana State Championships). It’s a whole day wasted at the tournament site. He got the first place like a piece of cake because no one was in his division. And there’s no one to do an exhibition fight with him. Yeah, bummer. I wish they have these guidelines for USAT national qualifier hosts: If there’s only one competitor in a division, the hosting school is obligated to arrange for … Continue reading >>

2014 AAU Taekwondo National Qualifier in Ohio

This morning, Adventurer Jr. went to Akron, Ohio for AAU national qualifier Taekwondo match. He did very well. He got silver in form and gold in olympics sparring. Besides his usual training, he’ll be going to yoga for muscle strength and tabata for cardio endurance to get ready for his next competition. Total Cost: $94 AAU Membership Fee:  $14 Competition Fee: $70 Spectator Fee: $10   … Continue reading >>

2013 Detroit Tournament and beyond

12-8-2013 We arrived back from Detroit this early afternoon. Home sweet home. Adventurer Jr. also had a meeting for Science Olympiad this afternoon, and Adventurer Jr. II had a bird painting scheduled as well. Yesterday, we arrived at the tournament at 1 PM and stayed until 7 PM. I have to say, Adventurer Jr. division’s competition is tough. Many competitive kids are in this group, including kids from Costa Rica. We should have good fights next year as well. Adventurer … Continue reading >>