2015 Total Dividends Earned

The Total Dividends Earned from my Roth IRA and Traditional IRA Accounts for the entire year of 2015 is $12,766.27. Here’s the breakdown: Jan: $451.64 Feb: $650.39 March: $1,439.1 April: $595.77 May: $739.19 June: $1,465.74 July: $666.36 August: $1,238.42 September: $2,216.87 October: 558.09 November: $960.79 December: $1,783.91 This is the first year that I’m crossing the $10,000.00 mark with these accounts. I’m very happy of the progress. Getting paid $12,000.00+ without doing much work, how cool is that? I still remember when I was a poor student that I had to … Continue reading >>

November 2015 Dividends

In the month of November, I was paid: $222.54 in Roth IRA account $496.26 in Traditional IRA (W) account $241.99 in Traditional IRA (M) account The total for these accounts is $960.79. I have earned about the same amount of dividends as the entire year of 2014 since October of 2015. I’m happy to know that I have already earned about $800 more dividends than last year. Usually December is a big dividends paying month for me, if that still … Continue reading >>