2014 Mid Year Investment Review

Total Dividends Earned from Retirement Accounts for the first half of 2014: $5,226.74 Jan: $776.78 Feb: $785.05 Mar: $1,178.67 Apr: $677.77 May: $803.44 June: $1,005.03 Strategies and Lessons Learned: Less is more. Concentrating on a limited number of quality stocks. Boring is a good way to make money in the stock market. Don’t do anything just because I’m compelled to take some sort of action. Do Nothing sometimes is a good thing. The market is unpredictable Cost basis does matter … Continue reading >>

April 2014 Dividends

In the month of April, I was paid ▪ $34.36 in the Roth IRA account ▪ $486.15 in the Traditional IRA (W) account ▪ $157.26 in the Traditional IRA (M) account The total for these accounts is $677.77. The payment is lower this month due to reorganizing my portfolio and not being fully invested in preparation for the next market downturn. … Continue reading >>