Aug. 24, 2015 Flash Crash Lessons Learned

The market could fall apart quickly in a second Stocks crashed to unbelievable lows at the open, even high-quality stocks Brokerage websites had performance issues Stocks recovered quickly from the lows as well, albeit they were still down I only got 100 shares of KO and T at the low prices because the orders had been placed weeks ago. It was a pleasant surprise to snatch the shares. The crash showed that my portfolio was not crush-proof. It’s very vulnerable. It’s … Continue reading >>

2014 Mid Year Investment Review

Total Dividends Earned from Retirement Accounts for the first half of 2014: $5,226.74 Jan: $776.78 Feb: $785.05 Mar: $1,178.67 Apr: $677.77 May: $803.44 June: $1,005.03 Strategies and Lessons Learned: Less is more. Concentrating on a limited number of quality stocks. Boring is a good way to make money in the stock market. Don’t do anything just because I’m compelled to take some sort of action. Do Nothing sometimes is a good thing. The market is unpredictable Cost basis does matter … Continue reading >>

Lessons learned from First Quarter 2014 Sale

I have to say the end of Jan. to the beginning of Feb. 2014 sale was a good learning experience for me, and I’m grateful that I learned my lessons now rather than later: I was emotionally attached to my winners. The rising market made me complacent of selling my winners. I could have profited much more had I trimmed my winners sooner. I need have an exit plan when buying every stock. When the price reaches my level, I … Continue reading >>


I sold all 113 shares of CMO at $12.54 per share in my Traditional IRA (W) account. This is a good stock, in my opinion. But I bought them at a price that was higher than what I should have. There’s no bad stock, only bad price. I wish I could recall who had said it. It’s so so so so so so True. Cash relieved $1420.08 – Acquisition cost $1401.9 = Profit $18.18. CMO might be on an uptrend, or not, … Continue reading >>

Sold IBM

I liquidated all 40 shares of IBM in my Traditional IRA (W) account for $181.5 per share. Cash relieved $7298.89 – Acquisition cost $7286.95 = Profit $11.94. I’m happy to unload them with a small pizza gain. The only thing that I could have done differently was waiting a bit before the selling. It bounced to $182.89 as I’m writing this article. Nevertheless, I’m really happy that I didn’t lose any money, though. Warren Buffett’s investing rule No.1 is never … Continue reading >>

No Investment Opportunity

11-29-2013 Today is Black Friday. I don’t have the urge to go out in the cold or online to get any deals because I don’t need or want any material possessions at this time. The stock market closed early at 1 PM. I was hoping to get some steals on business ownership. But no, the stock market went up for most of the session, and only came down 10 minutes or so before the close, and left me empty handed. … Continue reading >>