Sold 2006 Toyota Corolla

I have learned from previous experiences that owning a car longer didn’t necessarily always make any financial sense. And that’s the reason for selling my 2006 Toyota now. The purchase price of my 2006 Toyota Corolla was $16,371. I paid $1,023.19 of taxes on it.  Plus standard Doc fee of $250 and title fee of about $35. I also had a set of snow tires and rims for $600. The total cost amounted to $18,279.19. The Toyota was sold for $5,000 … Continue reading >>

Bought a solid Oak Roll Top Desk

The desk I had used for several years was small and was one of Harmony House line by Sears, which dated it back to 1940 – 1968. I bought it at a very low price from a Salvation Army store. It was made of solid wood and that’s the other reason I bought it besides the price even though it was in a weird refinished color. This past summer I spray painted it to a shade of blue because that’s the … Continue reading >>

Bought a vintage Mahogany Secretary Desk

I had been looking for a piece of furniture for my foyer for a long while. But the right one hadn’t come along over all these years. I appreciate solid wood furniture but don’t like furniture made of pressed wood or particleboard with a veneer surface or even worse laminate. I finally saw a right-sized antique mahogany secretary desk listed on local Craigslist. The owner of it was moving and couldn’t take it with her. She was really motivated. From … Continue reading >>

How to Stage a House for Sale

I almost put my house on the market for sale this weekend. To get ready for interviewing a realtor at home, I changed new toilet seats in all four bathrooms, bought a box of magic erasers to clean up, changed new towels in the bathrooms, plugged in air refreshers, replaced new light bulbs, and changed a new shower curtain in the upstair’s hall bathroom. Deck was updated with a new color. Since grey and taupe colors were in this year, … Continue reading >>

Summer 2017 Debate Camps

The Experience Adventurer Jr. Adventurer Jr. attended a seven-day residential LD camp at a small college. Many great debaters came to this camp. He was staying in the same dorm room with a student from his HS. He worked really hard at the camp. The camp was intense according to him and he wasn’t even able to do FaceTime with us. We texted sometimes. The camp competition started on Friday night, continued into Saturday, and it didn’t finish until after 6 … Continue reading >>

2017 Summer Quizbowl Camp Review

The Experience Both Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II went to the Quizbowl camp this summer. The camp consisted of three full-day and two half-day. The fee increased by $50 compared to last year for each camper. And the location was changed to another small college that was a little farther than the last one. They stayed in the same dorm room. Since this college provided free WIFI, we did FaceTime every night. The food at this college was better than … Continue reading >>

2017 Debate Nationals

The Experience: Adventurer Jr. II had a successful regular season and was selected to participate in Middle School Nationals in Birmingham, Alabama from June the 21st to 23rd. Day One: June 19th, 2017 Adventurer Jr. and his partner got all their cases ready last night. He went to swimming from 9 to 11 am this morning. I took him to get a new belt for his suits afterward. Also, I bought him a pair of sunglasses and slippers because we … Continue reading >>

2016 – 2017 Debate Season Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. did LD debate again this year. He needed to participate in eight tournaments to letter, which was two more than last year and it meant that he could only miss three of the scheduled tournaments. He fulfilled the lettering requirement again and got his letter for the second year. After that a BQD opportunity presented itself, and he competed in State Novice BQD for the first time and placed 8th. He also participated in a BQD … Continue reading >>

2017 MathCON Regional and National Competitions

Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II took 45 minutes online 45 multiple choice MathCON questions on Feb. 28th, 2017. They scored 296 and 306 out of 320, respectively and ranked 2nd and 7th in Midwest region out of 49,685 contestants nationwide in six regions. They qualified for MathCON Nationals again this year in Chicago. We were going back to Chicago again! The Nationals was scheduled on April 22nd, 2017. We ordered a huge pizza and some wings with coupon from Mr. G’s to … Continue reading >>

2016 – 2017 MathCounts Review

Adventurer Jr. II was on Varsity team again this year for MathCounts. He won the first place individual, second place countdown, and second place team at regional/chapter competition on first Saturday of February. He received three trophies and $20 cash for the first place individual. He represented his school and went to State MathCounts competition on the second Saturday in March to compete against 33 of the State’s best teams. He placed 17th individual, just one place shy of making the countdown round. He … Continue reading >>