Ma‘as-sālama Morocco, Hello England

We were leaving Morocco today. We rose at 8 am and planned to take a shower but people were in there whenever we checked. We lost interests to the same breakfast we had for the past several mornings, and couldn’t finish most of it. I was concerned with the smell of the purse I bought at the Souks, I brought it down to the Riad people to see if I was mocked with bad product. They told me it’s genuine good … Continue reading >>

Atlas Mountains, Kasbah Aït Ben Haddou, Kasbah de Taourirt, and Jamaa el Fna

Today we all rose early for our day trip. But there was somebody else in the little bathroom on our level. So we had to wait. Then we ate our breakfast in a rush. A driver from our tour company came to pick us up while we were still eating our breakfast. We got in his van. There were people in there already. He picked someone else up en route to the tour company. Then everyone had to get off … Continue reading >>

Riad, Palais El Baddi, Bab Agnaou, Souks, and Jamaa el Fna

I didn’t have a good sleep again, but I did get settled a little better than last night. I gradually adjusted to the new environment. When the first announcer’s voice woke me up, I couldn’t wait to take a shower because I hadn’t taken a shower since I left home. This Riad had three bathrooms, one on each level. The one on the third floor had a simple shower head by the toilet. The one on the second floor was … Continue reading >>

Morocco, England and France Trip, Oh, My

The Experience Day One (12-22-2016, Thursday): On our way to the much anticipated Trip Day Two (12-23-2016, Friday): Ahlan Marrakech, Morocco Day Three (12-24-2016, Saturday): Riad, Jamaa el Fna, Palais Bahia and Koutoubia mosque Day Four (12-25-2016, Sunday): Riad, Palais El Baddi, Bab Agnaou, Souks, and Jamaa el Fna Day Five (12-26-2016, Monday): Atlas Mountains, Kasbah Aït Ben Haddou, Kasbah de Taourirt, and Jamaa el Fna Day Six (12-27-2016, Tuesday): Ma‘as-sālama Morocco, Hello England Day Seven (12-28-2016, Wednesday): Big Bus, Marble … Continue reading >>

Riad, Jamaa el Fna, Palais Bahia and Koutoubia mosque

I wasn’t able to have a good sleep, but the rest of the family slept and rested well. The announcer from the nearby Koutoubia mosque called at 6 in the morning. I rose shortly after that. I had a good chance to take a look at the Riad at day break and listen to bird chirping in the quiet morning. I walked out to the terrace and looked the surrounding. The third level had only one customer room with six single beds on … Continue reading >>

Ahlan Marrakech, Morocco, Finally

Our tickets were in two groups. One group had three consecutive seats and the other had two. We couldn’t all sit together. I sat with Adventurer Jr. II and Adventurer Jr. III. A flight attendant gave Adventurer Jr. III a British Airway kid’s care package. There were some crayons and a coloring book inside of a sling bag that had British Airway’s logo. A lady was sitting in front of us with her children, a boy and a girl. They had British … Continue reading >>

On our way to the much anticipated Trip

I had been sick for several days and wasn’t able to get good sleeps. This morning, we had to get up at 4 am to catch the American Eagle airplane at 6:45 am. I was tired and sleepy but excited for our new adventures. We left our car at local airport parking lot and boarded the airport shuttle to our terminal. We arrived at New York LaGuardia airport at 7:45 am. Our next flight is at JFK airport but not until 6:45 … Continue reading >>

Europe Trip and Terrorist Attacks

We are planning on a nice Europe trip down the road, but terrorists attacked Paris, France this past weekend, one of our destinations for the trip. So what should we do? Cancel that plan and visit somewhere else? Or still visit Europe? We have been wanting to see Europe for a long time, but safety is a concern now besides stuff getting stolen. If we don’t visit Europe, where else should we go? Machu Picchu in Peru? Hawaii? … Continue reading >>

England, France, and Morocco Itinerary and Prep

We want to visit many countries in Europe and Morocco in Africa, but due to time constraints, we can only visit these three countries this time. We’ll take our trip during a Winter Break. Passports must be valid for a minimum of six months at entering into France and Morocco. Adventurer Jr. III’s passport expires in Feb. 2018, so we’ll go at least 6 months before that to save on passport renewal fee. That leaves us December of 2016 time frame. … Continue reading >>

Morocco Trip Prep

This is a North Africa country with many mixed cultures. Leather and cashmere goods are plenty and dyed with natural colors from flowers. I will buy them as souvenirs. Here’s a link to products of Morocco. No visa is needed for Americans to visit Morocco. Passports must be valid for a minimum of six months at entry. We can stay for up to 90 days without visas. Currency is the Moroccan dirham (MAD). €1 = 10.75 MAD, or $1 USD = 9.94 MAD … Continue reading >>