Chicago, One more Time

We left home around 10 am last Saturday. The day was gloomy and rainy. On top of that, it’s a little chilly. We stopped at a Burger King right after we were in Indiana. We had lunch there. Then we continued our trip. We stopped at service areas along the way.

Once we got into the Illinois territory, the weather was bright and shinny. Finally at 5 pm, we arrived at Navy Pier parking lot. Because of the time difference, it’s 4 pm local time. Many people were there. We bought tickets for Shoreline Sightseeing boat tour to admire the architecture of downtown Chicago. It’s not a cheap tour by all means, but it’s worth the money spent. We saw many buildings and the tour guide explained the engineering behind them during the 75 minutes tour. Each building had its story. Adventurer Jr. appreciated the tour the most since he likes design.

The Aqua

The Aqua in the back. The balconies were specifically designed to resemble water waves.

The flashy Trump

How can I not mention The flashy Trump

The famous landmark steel Sears Tower

The famous landmark steel Sears Tower. Yap, it’s still being called Sears Tower even another company had bought it from Sears.

The beehive

The beehive apartments

The corn

The corn apartments. Lower levels were parking lots.

Former IBM building

Former IBM building

We bought the three copies of a picture they took of us before we boarded the boat for $21 at the end of the tour. This was out of our character. But we wanted my grandpa to have a copy of it.

We were hungry after the tour. So we drove to a restaurant in Chinatown for a nice dinner. Then we headed to our hotel. Our two rooms could be connected by opening the diving doors from each room, which was very convenient. We had a long sleep since we didn’t have anything planned in the morning other then eating the brunch that opened at 11 am. After that we drove grandpa to O’Hare airport. Then we started our long seven-hour retuning trip. Every one missed home. When we got home it’s after 10 pm already. No place is better than home sweet home.

Financial Implications: Would’ve cost $997, Actual cost $797

  • Toll: $50
  • Gas: $70
  • Parking at Navy Pier: $25
  • Architecture tour: $175
  • Pictures of the tour: $21
  • Lunch at Burger King: $22
  • Dinner in Chinatown: $89
  • Car rental: $260
  • Hotel: would have cost us $200, cost us $0
  • Brunch: with a 15% off coupon cost $55
  • Dinner at Popeye: $30

General Impressions

This was a rather expensive trip for us compared to our thrift trip experiences. We spent a whopping $800 for this two-day trip. If the trip was just for us, we’d have eliminated the car rental and picture cost. Also I’d have brought food for on the road and brought our skillet for cooking at the hotel. But the experience with my grandpa was priceless.

I like Chicago, the third biggest city in the State. That’s why we went there for so many times. It had a lot of culture, history, and looked modern, and vibrant. The wind in winter was too big for me though. But I’m willing to endure it for the museums. Chicago seemed to be an expensive place to live. If I were to live there, I’d probably buy a house right away and pay it off gradually while enjoying the expensive museums and views. When the house appreciated to double or triple the buying price in ten years, I’d sale and move to a little town to retire.

Since we’ve visited most of the major attractions in Chicago, such as the Millennium Park, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Field Museum, The Navy Pier, the She’d Aquarium, The Museum of Science and Industry, the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, Chinatown, Lego Land, and the Architecture Tour, we probably will not be going back there any time soon. I mean in years.

What’s Next

We planned to go to St. Louis, MO for July fourth, but there’s a planned road construction for that time. So we changed our plan to Cincinnati, OH.

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