Chill out in Hotel Zone

We took it slow today to recuperate from yesterday’s adventure.

First, we visited a beach in the hotel zone in the morning, which was five minutes from our hotel. It was a nice early morning, and not many people were on the beach yet. Instead of renting an umbrella and a lounge chair, I found a shady area under the lifeguard hut. I placed a towel on the sand and made myself some nice quarters. I sat there watching our stuff and enjoying the beautiful view. The rest of the gang couldn’t wait to jump into the clear water. Workers were cleaning up the brown seaweed along the shore. The white corral sand was soft and cool, and I breathed in the smell of sea water. Adventure Jr. and Adventure Jr. II were playing and jumping in the waves. Adventurer Jr. III played in the sand. I could get used to this life.

Beach in hotel zone


After, we decided to walk to a McDonalds in the hotel zone for lunch. It started to drizzle a little bit. We bought $300 pesos of burgers and drinks ($20 USD); it’s more expensive here than in the States. There’s no free refills for the drinks either. After we finished, the rain had stopped. We took a nice stroll around the hotel zone. Adventurer Jr. wanted to take a look in the Nike store, but there was nothing special there. Soon, the kids wanted to play some video games, so we went back to the hotel.

Later in the day, Mr. Adventurer walked to Selecto and spent $300 pesos for more food.

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