Cold Winter

This winter is very cold and snowy. I recall when we traveled to an orchard in the fall, and the apples were huge and tasty. There was an old saying that a nice harvest of apples means that nature somehow knows the winter will be cold. That’s nature’s way of providing extra food for the cold winter. I didn’t wish for a cold winter and was skeptical at that time. What about global warming? I guess the old folk’s rule was right. However, the Chinese New Year is in January, which is earlier than the previous year. That entails the beginning of spring should come soon after. Will this be a cold but short winter? Meanwhile, I’m grateful I’m in a warm shelter.

Since we had bounty of snow recently, we decided to have some fun with it and went sledding during the afternoon. It was good family time, and we shared our happiness with the other people who were out there. After we came home, the kids were still in the mood to sled. So they played on the hill with their own sleds in the backyard and made a ramp and a big snowball. Meanwhile, I made yummy homemade hot chocolate. It was a wonderful day,  despite the cold temperature.

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