Ground Lamb Mini Pies

Ingredients: Filling: Ground lamb Onion, finely chopped Pine nuts, optional Ground cinnamon as desired Salt to taste Freshly grounded black pepper to taste Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice as desired Wrapping: All-purpose flour : yeast : liquid (milk + 1 egg) = 5 : 4 : 2 Use bread machine and let it make dough Directions: Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat and stir in all filling ingredients Cook and stir until the meat is crumbly, evenly browned, … Continue reading >>

Pineapple Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken leg or breast 1 pound, cut into cubes or wedges Pare pineapple and remove core and eyes and cut into wedges or use canned pineapple Salt 1/2 tsp or as desired Soy sauce 1 tbsp Sugar 1/2 tsp or as desired White pepper ground 1/2 tsp Cooking wine 1 tbsp Cornstarch or lotus roots starch 2 tbsp Flour 1 tbsp Water 2 tbsp A bowl with 1/3 water, sugar and vinegar or lemon honey juice, starch 1 tbsp, sesame … Continue reading >>

Stir-fried lamb with Green Pepper and Tomato

Ingredients: Lamb cut into slices Green Pepper cut into wedges or strings Tomato cut into wedges Cumin ground Black pepper ground Salt Sesame oil Cooking oil Directions: Prepare saucepan with cooking oil Pour lamb in, stir until 50% cooked Add green pepper and tomato in Stir until fully cooked Add cumin black pepper, salt, and sesame oil Stir well and place on a plate Enjoy either with rice or noodles … Continue reading >>

Broccoli and Garlic Shrimp

Ingredients: Ginger diced Green Onion diced Broccoli cut into small pieces Garlic diced Shrimp deveined Cooking oil Salt Directions: Prepare saucepan with cooking oil When oil is warm, add in ginger, onion, and garlic Stir and add broccoli and shrimp in Stir until shrimp changes color and fully cooked Add salt Place on a plate Enjoy … Continue reading >>

Stir-fried Chicken breast with shiitake mushrooms

Ingredients: Place dried Shiitake mushrooms in a bowl and emerge in cold water to soften Place wood ear in a bowl and emerge in cold water to soften Chicken breast cut into thin slices Carrots cut into thin slices Celery cut into thin slices Garlic and ginger diced Onion cut into thin slices Cooking oil Salt Sesame oil Directions: Cut Shiitake mushrooms and wood ear to thin slices Heat saucepan with cooking oil Add garlic, ginger, and onion in Add … Continue reading >>

Cooking Tips

Add vinegar to meats and vegetables. I use Apple Cider vinegar or lemon/lime juice. Vinegar can make meats tender and vegetables look fresh. E.g., add vinegar while cooking eggplant, the eggplant will not have a darker black color. Vinegar, salt, and other spices can be added right before removing from the cooktop. Adding them too early will make the dish look not as attractive. For beef stew, you want to add the vinegar at the beginning of cooking. Use the … Continue reading >>

Mashed Potatoes

Ingredients: Potatoes, as many as desired Butter 1 stick Milk as much as desired Salt as desired Freshly grounded black pepper as desired Diced green onion, optional Directions: Boil potatoes in a pot for 20 minutes Pour milk into a container Add butter to milk Microwave for 1 minute Remove potatoes from the pot one at a time, peel the skin immediately since it’s much easier to do so. Place peeled potato in the container, mash with milk and butter Repeat … Continue reading >>