Decluttering My House (Basement and Living Room)

Decluttering my house is an ongoing long-term project. Last week, I finished several small projects, and the results were great.

For Christmas, we purchased an XBOX 360 that the kids had asked for a long time. To help pay for it, we sold the Wii. They were hooked on Kinect Sports, which is much better than Wii Sports in my humble opinion. One drawback was that when they were playing it, the house shook. So, we decided to move the 46-inch screen TV to the basement with Adventurer Jr.’s help.

While we were at it, we decided to rearrange the furniture to better utilize the space and clean the basement up. First of all, there’s a huge wall shelf entertainment unit which was a little beaten down. I thought of getting rid of it but decided to fix it up and use it as displaying shelf instead. The back panels were falling apart so Mr. Adventurer nailed them back in, and we glued the holes for the electronic wires to make the unit pretty. Additionally, we bought a set of new doorknobs to give it a face lift. Then, we moved the unit to a new location in the basement and placed arts, books, magazines, toys, etc on it. Broken, unwanted toys were thrown in the trash. To the left of the unit, we placed a bench there and hanged a picture of the kids above it.

Next, we moved the sofa, sleeping bed sofa, coach and chair around to make a bigger space in front of the TV for sports and games. We also took the coffee table out of that area and moved it to the living room since it’s in the way of their activities.

The basement cleanup is about 3/5 done, and we are so pleased with how it looks and functions now. We also painted part of the basement wall olive-green. The color compliments the window treatments and sofa there. We all agree that it’s our new favorite place of the house.

Since the big TV is gone from the living room, we’ve decided to get a flat screen TV and have it mounted on the living room wall. We are researching for deals now. But we bought a new big screen TV stand at a discount price instead.

There was a bar of hooks in a little area of the living room for the kids to hang their Taekwondo uniforms, however they were broken. Since they were not functioning as we liked, we decided to buy a better one. We replaced it with a new one and now the uniforms hang in their intended home instead of randomly placed on the chairs.

Another eyesore was the placement of the kids’ winter coats. They hang them on the door knobs of the mud room door and pantry door. We’ve decided to get an over the door hanger for the pantry door and the coats could go there. This is a seasonal thing. When they don’t need to wear coats, we can remove the hanger until next winter.

I felt very satisfied and content after we accomplished these changes.

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