Decluttering My House (Living Room)

We bought a 48 inch flat screen LCD HD TV that cost $299 for our living room since we moved the old one acquired eight years ago to our basement for kids to play XBOX with. We thought of hanging the TV on the wall but decided to put it on a TV stand instead. We found a perfect used one for $50.

Eight year ago, Mr. Adventurer wanted a home theater surround sound effect so we paid more than $1000 for a set of RCA receiver and speakers. Three speakers were on the floor and two installed in ceiling, but he’d never hooked them up to the TV, so we’ve never enjoyed it yet. I persuaded him to set it up now so the money spent years ago wasn’t wasted. But he found out that the receiver didn’t work, he’d buy a used one.

We also rearranged the sofa, couch, chairs, and plants in this room to make it flow better. On top of that, we painted the living room a maroon color, and the adjoining eat-in kitchen a sunburst color.

I mentioned before that tiling the walls was the best and cheapest way to improve the house, but I was wrong. Painting is. The best quality paint costs $40/gal and it’s enough for a room.

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