DIY Sandal Repair

I got a pair of sandals for sale for only $1 two years ago. They are comfy, pretty, have a leather upper, and in a neutral color that goes well with most of the things. It’s my goto pair of sandals. But one of the sandals’ upper and sole were separated. I wanted to fix it. I was thinking of buying a special shoe glue, but ended up not to. Because the jewelry glue I bought for $2.66 including tax at 50% off from Jo-Ann for DIY Necklaces and Bracelets was so strong and I have a lot left. Besides, I was certain that it could fix my sandal. So I applied a little in between the upper and sole in seconds and pressed them together. This little task avoided me from throwing a pair of otherwise perfect sandals in the garbage/landfill. And now my favorite pair of sandals will last me for many more years. 😉

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