DIY Sandal Repair

I got a pair of sandals for sale for only $1 two years ago. They are comfy, pretty, have a leather upper, and in a neutral color that goes well with most of the things. It’s my goto pair of sandals. But one of the sandals’ upper and sole were separated. I wanted to fix it. I was thinking of buying a special shoe glue, but ended up not to. Because the jewelry glue I bought for $2.66 including tax at 50% … Continue reading >>

DIY Necklaces and Bracelets

I bought 4 strands of carnelian round faceted beads. I got sizes 10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm, and 4 mm. I also bought 1 strand of round carnelian 14 mm beads. They are all natural stones without dye and heat treatment. I like the opaque cloudy color. They are translucent under sunlight though. Carnelian is believed to have healing properties. I’m not sure about that but it contains iron, which I can benefit from, and the pretty red color … Continue reading >>

Replace Car Battery

Mr. Adventurer’s car couldn’t be started this morning. He thought that the battery might be the issue. So he removed it from his car and brought it to an AutoZone to have it checked. Indeed, the battery was died. It cost $120 to get a new battery from AutoZone, but he went to Sam’s and got it for $90 instead. After he installed the new battery to his car, the car magically started working. I recall batteries didn’t cost that … Continue reading >>

New Daisies T-Shirt

I bought a pink 100% cotton t-shirt for $1 two years ago. It flatters my figure and is one of my favorite t-shirts for casual wear. However, it had one small hole near the collar but no one noticed it besides me. The t-shirt still has years of life left though. I went to Jo-Ann and found a pack of eight appliqué daisies and paid for $2.56, which was after the 60% off single regular item coupon I brought with me. By … Continue reading >>

My First Knitting Project

I bought 4 skeins of Kimono wool yarn from Jo-Ann Fabric when there’s a sale. Total cost  was $12.14 ($3.27 @50% off x 2 + $2.8 @60% off x 2). I made a scarf and hat. After I finished knitting, I discovered that one skein of yarn had different color than the others. That skein was used for the hat and one end of the scarf. But you wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t stare at it carefully. I liked the pattern … Continue reading >>

Decluttering My House (Living Room)

We bought a 48 inch flat screen LCD HD TV that cost $299 for our living room since we moved the old one acquired eight years ago to our basement for kids to play XBOX with. We thought of hanging the TV on the wall but decided to put it on a TV stand instead. We found a perfect used one for $50. Eight year ago, Mr. Adventurer wanted a home theater surround sound effect so we paid more than $1000 for … Continue reading >>

Decluttering My House (Basement and Living Room)

Decluttering my house is an ongoing long-term project. Last week, I finished several small projects, and the results were great. For Christmas, we purchased an XBOX 360 that the kids had asked for a long time. To help pay for it, we sold the Wii. They were hooked on Kinect Sports, which is much better than Wii Sports in my humble opinion. One drawback was that when they were playing it, the house shook. So, we decided to move the 46-inch … Continue reading >>

Changing out Toilet Seats

Our toilet seats have becoming unsightly. We had the same ones ever since we built this house eight years ago. The kids gave them many good beatings during these years. So I asked Mr. Adventurer to check it out whether we can change them out ourselves. He went to Home Depot and bought them for $13 per set x 3. One was the soft and comfy kind for the master bedroom. The one in the master bedroom would be moved … Continue reading >>

Repairing an Exhaust Heat Shield Rattle

My car had a metal rattle sound while driving for several days. First, I thought I had a flat tire, so I stopped at an edge and pressed on every one of them, they were perfect. Then I thought maybe one of the tires was loose. Mr. Adventurer looked at it and saw it’s the exhaust heat shield underneath the body of the car. He did some research and fixed the problem with the help of this. He tied the shield … Continue reading >>

Replacing a Side-View Mirror

About two weeks ago I ripped the passenger side-view power mirror off. Don’t ask me how I did it 😉 . The attaching/connecting plastic rod and wire were broken. Mr. Adventurer ordered a new set of side-view mirror. However, the cover all came in black color. He was thinking of painting it ourselves before mounting it to the car. After the mirror arrived, as he was playing with it, I thought maybe he could just switch the contents out since my old … Continue reading >>