Egypt Trip Prep

Egypt is a shining star with mysterious rich history in Africa. This seven-day private tour travel journal reignited my desire to visit Egypt someday. The Arabic I would have learnt for the Morocco trip would be useful in Egypt too. It is going to be a very expensive trip though. It will cost roughly $6,000 for the five of us if we joined a tour, not including the airfare to get there. It’s a good idea to join a tour due to safety reasons.

Unique souvenirs from Egypt: gold collar (“wesekh” or “weskit”), hijab, belly dancing suit/outfit, large Bedouin scarves with colourful embroidery is also nice to have, small tapestries, or brass ceiling lamp with oriental decorations and coloured glass, the only drawback is that they are heavy to transport. They all can be bought from the Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo. The national flower of Egypt is Lotus (water lily).

Someone journaled her Cairo experience. Someone else’s. Another person’s experience. Yet another one. Another one again. This is a very handy and useful Middle East travel prep guide.

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