England, France, and Morocco Itinerary and Prep

We want to visit many countries in Europe and Morocco in Africa, but due to time constraints, we can only visit these three countries this time. We’ll take our trip during a Winter Break. Passports must be valid for a minimum of six months at entering into France and Morocco. Adventurer Jr. III’s passport expires in Feb. 2018, so we’ll go at least 6 months before that to save on passport renewal fee. That leaves us December of 2016 time frame. We have saved enough for airfare. We are working on the hotel. Scratch that:-), we have saved enough for hotels as well except Riad in Morocco which doesn’t take points. And we are O.K. with paying for it out of pocket.

  • Flying from the USA to London, England. E.g., NYC to London is typically 6 hours. The return trip is usually about 7 hours. The difference is because at high altitude the wind usually blows from west to east and often exceeds 100 mph. So we’d need to leave Friday night and catch some sleep while on the airplane. UK time is 5 hours ahead of us. Eg., 7 am Friday my time is 2 am Friday in London.
  • Flying from London, England to Morocco. We want to visit Morocco first because many Frenches go to Morocco during Christmas Holiday for vacation.
  • Spend a maximum of 4 days in Morocco. Take the Sahara tour first.
  • Flying from Morocco to London, England
  • Spend a maximum of 5 days in England
  • Take the high-speed train that goes under the English channel from London, England to Paris, France. It takes about 2.5 hours. First train starts @ 715 am. Economy tickets cost about $75. That’s $75 x 5 = $375 just for this. We don’t think it’s a good deal. Rather we’ll take the coach that travels the same route as the high-speed train via the English channel. The coach takes longer but will only set us back $100.  However, the high-speed train saves us a lot of time though and should be a different kind of experience. We might end up taking it. Paris, France is 6 hours ahead of my time.
  • Spend a maximum of 5 days in France
  • Flying from Paris, France to the USA. If we plan to arrive NYC at 8 pm Sunday, we’ll need to leave Paris around noon, which is 6 am Paris time. So this return trip takes up an entire day.

Here’s an article that has some good tips on visiting England and France.

Now we have a plan in place, I really need to learn Arabic. It’s a good idea to learn a little bit of French as well.

Also in preparation for the trip,

  • I bought a new pair of warm and sturdy boots for $115.97 on Amazon. I like the look and feel as well. I need to break them in when winter comes.
  • I also ordered a messenger bag for easy and safe carrying of stuff that cost me $25.49.
  • A Supergirl for $2.05 and an axe pendant for $10.49.
  • Bought thermos for the boys
  • Bring rain gear for everyone since it rains even in December in London and we definitely don’t want the rain spoiling our visit or get sick while aboard.
  • Dress warmly in layers everyone
  • Everyone only brings a carry-on luggage and a personal bag, so we need to be smart as to what to pack


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