England Trip Prep

We need to apply for visas upon arrival for entering England. Don’t automatically leave a tip. It might be included in the bill as a line item. Check your bill first to not double pay.


Unlike Chicago, most of the museums in London are free. How can we not take advantage of it? If we visit two museums per day, it will take us 4 days to finish the following museums.

  • British Museum – free
  • National Gallery – free
  • Natural History Museum – free
  • Tate Modern – free
  • Science Museum – free
  • Big Ben – free
  • The Coca-Cola London Eye
  • Design Museum – Takes about 1 hour to visit but it’s not free. Adult – £10.85 Child – £6.50, free under 12. Maybe Adventurer Jr. can go in to take a look while we are waiting in the lobby, if there’s one.
  • Royal Museums Greenwich – free. This is a marine navy museum, we can skip if no time.




Since time is tight, we probably should join the one-day tour for Stonehenge, Oxford and Bath.

Here’s an article about an one-day-self-guided-tour of London, which incorporates Tate Modern, London Eye, National Gallery, and British Museum. That’s four items off of list. Then we can visit Natural History Museum, and Science Museum for day two. That leaves Royal Museums Greenwich for day three. And the one-day tour for Stonehenge, Oxford and Bath. Sounds perfect!

Here’s an Open Top London Bus tour with Afternoon Visit to Stonehenge. Plus free river cruise at £70 x 2 + £60 x 3= £320. This tour includes a short trip on the River Thames, See the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, Live professional guide See Westminster Abbey – Big Ben – London Eye – Tower of London – River Trip, Entrance to Stonehenge, and Scenic drive through the Salisbury plains. This one day London and Stonehenge tour is much cheaper which visits pretty much the same sites: Adult: £49, and Children (3-16): £39. That’s £49 x 2 + £39 x 3 = £117 = £215.

Looks like the minimum time of stay for England is 5 days.


Manchester, northwest of England, there’s no way we’ll be able to visit this time.

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