Europe Trip Prep

We’ll visit Europe some time in the future, I want to start planning for it now. The countries that we are most interested in are as follows:


North Africa:

  • Morocco – 4 days. Since it only takes 3 hours of flying from Paris, France to Marrakesh (Marrakech), Morocco, and the airfare is about €120 round trip per person, Mr. Adventurer thinks that we should visit Morocco as well. It’s an interesting country in North Africa for sure. This article says otherwise. Here’s a series of travel blogs to Morocco from someone else:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. They spent 8 days there alone. Different people had different opinions after visiting Morocco. The experiences certainly depended on people’s background, former experiences, etc. I’m very excited about Morocco and I need to learn Arabic pronto. Also I’m tempted to spend more days there. It’s a relatively safe arabic country.

When to visit

  • Winter break

December historic temperatures for London ranged from 40 to 44°F. It’s one of the coldest times of the year in London, and the chances of rainfall was high. Paris December temperatures ranged from 38 to 41°F. December temperatures for Brussels and Amsterdam ranged from 37 to 43°F. We’ll need to dress ourselves very warm. We probably will not have time to visit them all since we only have two weeks for winter break. We can probably visit England, France, Belgium, and Netherlands.

  • Spring break

We only have one week of time but the weather will be better. London ranged from 42 to 48°F, and Paris ranged from 42 to 47°F. We’ll be able to visit only two countries: England and France.

  • or Summer break

Summer is the worst time to visit Europe due to tourist season and European holidays. But the time is long and the weather is nice. We can visit about five or six countries in three weeks during summer. We are working on free airfare, and if we can get free lodging, then it make a lot more sense to visit during summer.

A trip to Europe can be very expensive without careful planning, especially with a family of five. We’ll fly to one country, then ride the trains or megabus to other countries. We’ll consider overnight train/bus as well, so for that night no lodging is needed. The flying destination will depend on the airfare. We can fly to Paris, France, or London, England, or Brussels, Belgium, or Amsterdam, Netherlands. One good thing is that there’s no concept of tip in Europe. 

Currency exchange: $1 = €0.92

Have good common sense to avoid being robbed. A friend’s daughter went to Europe with her friend, and guess what, her wallet was stolen in England, her iPhone and passport were stolen in Spain. Her friend’s iPhone was stolen too. I originally though only Rome, Italy was bad, it turned that the entire Europe was like that. Here’s an article about someone else’s experience of getting stuff stolen in Paris, France and another one. And another one in Budapest, Hungary. No joke. Now I’m thinking why should we even visit Europe? Is it worth it? It’s very frustrating with people stealing your stuff while trying to have a good experience.

Here are some links to help me plan this trip.

  • Rick Steve
  • USA Today
  • Budget Traveller

We can consider these for lodging:


Languages to learn

Learning some Español for the Mexico trip was a very good decision. For this trip, I’ll need to learn some of these languages:


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