Feeding Time


After lunch today, I took Adventurer Jr. II and III to a free educational program at our local nature reserve. Biology is one of Adventurer Jr. II’s favorite subjects, so you can guess how excited he was.

At the program, my kids got to feed a frog, a snake, and a salamander. When it was time to feed the snake, Adventurer Jr. III dropped a worm into it’s cage. It was his first time touching a worm, and he wasn’t afraid or disgusted at all. I was so proud of him! Adventure Jr. III also cleaned out the snake’s water container with a brush, and I helped him pour fresh water back in.

After that, the naturalist brought out an even larger snake. Adventurer Jr. III couldn’t see because he was the youngest and shortest among the group. However, he received some help from Adventurer Jr. II, when he picked him up. Adventurer Jr. II is about 5 years older than Adventurer Jr. III, but he is still a kid in elementary school. It’s nice to see the older one look out for the younger one. What a caring brother.

Most of the time, I was busy taking pictures of the Juniors, even though I did learn something as well. I saw the poop of a tree frog, which is, um… Ok, moving on.

After the feeding was done, the naturalist told us that there was a Chickadee feeding later for outside, and we were welcome to join her, which was a nice little surprise. We didn’t plan on this originally, but since we were there already, why not? (Frugal instincts kicking in) The question was, “How do we spend the time before the bird feeding?”.

As we walked out of the animal feeding room, Adventurer Jr. III dashed to a table with coloring supplies and exclaimed, ” I wanna color!” Perfect, I thought. Things always work out, don’t they?

When we went outside, it was cold, windy, and snowy. My kids didn’t bring their gloves (because we didn’t plan for this), but they still toughed through and grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds to hold out on their hands. Everyone stood as still as possible. And guess what? Six Chickadees came and ate the seeds between the two of them. My kids felt that they had achieved something, which is most important, and I took some good pictures.

We were all happy and content when it was time to leave. After we got home, I fixed some homemade hot chocolate for all of us, to reflect on the fun afternoon.

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