All Sports Camp Summer 2016 Review

The Experience We signed Adventurer Jr. II and III up for a week of all sports camp. They did basketball, baseball, and soccer. It was a fun experience but Adventurer Jr. II wouldn’t be doing it anymore because he said that the rest of the kids were less than or equal to ten years old. The Cost: $140 $70 x 2 = $140. The original price was $192/person/week. We got this great discount from Groupon. If we can get this … Continue reading >>

2015 Summer Baseball Camp Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. II. got a nice tan from practicing baseball outside in the field during summer break. None of the people he knew from previous training was there. He said that he learned new things and he’d gotten a printout of the skills that he had learned at the end of the camp. He’d take good care of the printout and practice the skills by himself. He also said that some people did more than once of the … Continue reading >>

2015 Baseball Season Review

The Experience Adventure Jr. II was in the CBL (community baseball league) and played 22 regular season games with a season ending playoff tournament. His team won the championship for his school district out of 4 teams. But they lost the semifinal for the league. The score was 11 to 9, which was pretty good considering they only had 7 people participated in the game, that meant only 1 outfield. This was the first time he actually played in games. He scored … Continue reading >>

Baseball Gear

Adventurer Jr. II’s baseball training has started. It’s a requirement to have helmet and cleats while practicing on the fields. He needs black baseball pants for games as well. So we went to Dicks and got everything he needs: Helmet with a face guard and chin strap: $25 Cleats: $34.99 Baseball pants x 2 = $30 Carrying bag and socks = $21 … Continue reading >>

2015 Baseball Season

The baseball season for Adventurer Jr. II is around the corner. I just paid the fee of $90 for his spot. He grew interested in baseball last winter and I hope he has a great season. He has pretty much all the equipment from the baseball camp, however, we probably need to get him a batting helmet/face mask/chin strap combo when the game starts. This one from Dick’s costs $50 without chin strap. Does he need cleat for $25 too? I … Continue reading >>

Baseball Session Nine

Today, Adventurer Jr. II went to baseball practice. His throwing and catching has improved a lot. However, he still needs to work on hitting with a bat. We’ll get him a bat before next lesson. I chatted with the coach after the practice. He told me not to go to Dick’s, just get it from Target, because they grow out of it so quickly. There are three lessons left for this camp. After that, he’ll join the school’s baseball team.

Baseball Session Seven

As Adventurer Jr. II improves at baseball, I’m not really watching anymore to make sure that he follows directions. Most of the parents actually just drop their kids off and pick them up after. I don’t like to waste my time on the road since it takes about 25 minutes one way and the class is 90 minutes, I brought my iPad and surfed the web there. Here’s Adventurer Jr. II writeup about this lesson. … Continue reading >>