Baseball Session Six

This time, less students showed up for class due to the holidays. After the usual drills, the students were separated into two groups and played baseball games. This was Adventurer Jr. II’s first time playing an actual game. In total, he scored 3 runs and 9 hits. They played 3 matches which were all ties.

Baseball Session Five

This evening Adventurer Jr. II attended his fifth baseball practice. Since it’s winter break, not many kids showed up for class. I was actually cold sitting in the gym watching and waiting for him. The heat probably was turned off since there’s no school. The training was actually better with less people. He is getting better at throwing and catching.

Baseball Session Four

Since the majority of students are right-handed, the instructions and drills were best suited for right-handed people. Adventurer Jr. II had issues being one of the only lefties. Most of the time he just did what the instructors said, because he had trouble relating. He needs to consciously do the opposite of what others do. I’ll remind him before next class.

Baseball Session One

Adventurer Jr. II started baseball on Sunday. It was his first time playing baseball. After I paid $150 for the camp, he just showed up in kakis, empty handed. All the other kids dressed in athletic clothes and brought their baseball gear. I talked to the assistant coach, and he said we’d need to buy a new catcher’s mitt because Adventure Jr. II is left-handed and he didn’t have a left-handed one to lend us. However, we didn’t have to purchase … Continue reading >>