Tabata Lesson One

1-7-2014 Finally today, I got around to trying the Tabata class out. We worked with a 25 kg (55 lbs) power medical ball the entire session. We swung it, did push ups with it, jumped with it, twisted with it, even held it between our knees while doing sit-ups. You name it, we did it. It was a good workout, and I liked it. Holding that ball steady with hand(s), feet, or knees is challenging in itself. Too bad Adventurer … Continue reading >>

2013 Detroit Tournament and beyond

12-8-2013 We arrived back from Detroit this early afternoon. Home sweet home. Adventurer Jr. also had a meeting for Science Olympiad this afternoon and Adventurer Jr. II had a bird painting scheduled as well. Yesterday, we arrived at the tournament at 1 PM and stayed until 7 PM. I have to say, Adventurer Jr. division’s competition is tough. Many competitive kids are in this group, including kids from Costa Rica. We should have good fights next year as well. Adventurer … Continue reading >>

Swim and Tabata

12-5-2013 Today I swam in the pool with Adventurer Jr. III. He raced me doggy paddle, while I swam freestyle. We also danced and singed in the pool. It was a wonderful time. On a side note, a new class called Tabata is now available, at a time that is convenient for me. I had to find the group lesson schedule for details. It was described as, “A physical & mental challenge that will increase your metabolism & muscular endurance, … Continue reading >>

First Lesson on Backstroke

11-30-2013 In today’s swim lesson, I swam half the pool freestyle. After that, Adventurer Jr. II started me on backstroke. He first taught me the kick. Your legs need to be straight, just like freestyle. He even went underwater to make sure that I was doing it correctly. After, Adventure Jr. II demonstrated how to push the water with your arms. I was able to swim the entire length of the pool several times. I think backstroke is easier to … Continue reading >>

Yoga Class

11-24-2013 After eating breakfast, I took Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II to the pool. They swam, while I took Yoga class in the group exercise room. We did a lot of twisting during class today. Marichyasana, also called Marichi’s pose, means “ray of light”. Ardha Matsyendrasana is also known as “half lord of the fishes” pose. They stimulate the spine and digestive system. We also practiced Trikonasana, or Triangle pose; Parighasana, also called Gate pose; Virabhadrasana II, a more … Continue reading >>

2013 Taekwondo tournament in Detroit

11-23-2013 Today, Adventurer Jr. and I attended a meeting regarding an upcoming Taekwondo tournament in Detroit. Our master gave a speech about how hard this tournament has been and how good those competitors are. Adventurer Jr. decided not to compete in the sparring event, partly because he is at the bottom of his age division, which makes it harder to win. On top of that, he isn’t experienced enough, since he has only competed twice under his belt. There will … Continue reading >>

Swim Lesson

11-23-2013 Adventurer Jr. II watched me while I was swimming freestyle in the pool today. Now I can swim half the pool, even though I still have to push off the wall. He said that it’s time for some improvement, so he demonstrated how to do push offs underwater. That improved my swimming abilities greatly. I remember when I first started swimming in August. During my first several swims, I felt very afraid and thought that I would drown (which … Continue reading >>