2016 Summer Basketball Review

The Experience Our school district offered a free basketball dribbling and handling camp in July for 1 hour in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Adventurer Jr. II’s grade for six sessions. But he missed two sessions. There were twenty+ kids in the camp. Basketball wasn’t his sport but we wanted him to have some formal training and do exercise. He isn’t going to do any basketball camp anymore. The Cost: $0 $0 … Continue reading >>

All Sports Camp Summer 2016 Review

The Experience We signed Adventurer Jr. II and III up for a week of all sports camp. They did basketball, baseball, and soccer. It was a fun experience but Adventurer Jr. II wouldn’t be doing it anymore because he said that the rest of the kids were less than or equal to ten years old. The Cost: $140 $70 x 2 = $140. The original price was $192/person/week. We got this great discount from Groupon. If we can get this … Continue reading >>

2016 Track Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. ran track as a Spring sport. He ran 100 m, 200 m and 4 x 100 m. He improved on his events compared to last season. There were many runners and the fastest runners were mostly seniors. The Cost: 0 Since his running shoes and spikes from last season still fit him, we didn’t need to buy anything new for him this season. We definitely need to get him new pairs for next season. He is planning … Continue reading >>

2016 March – April Swim Lessons Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. III took the Level 3 swimming classes. He worked so hard and wanted to graduate to next level. But he wasn’t quiet there yet. Even though he could swim the 25 yards length of the pool in front crawl and elementary backstroke, a repeating of the course could help him get better on his skills. The cost: $50 Course instruction fee: $50 … Continue reading >>

2016 Ski Season Review

The Experience This special membership was only offered to students this year, I wasn’t able to join, so I decided to not ski this year. Adventurer Jr. wanted to try ski but since he was on the swim team and wasn’t allowed to do ski at the same time period per swim team, so he went another year without skiing. Adventurer Jr. II, on the other hand, was able to join the club again this year. He had a blast … Continue reading >>

2016 Yoga Class One

I went to the yoga session last night. Since I haven’t practiced it for so long, I had muscle ache after the session. Yet I felt very good mentally and relaxed though. I had a hot shower afterward to finish it off. I need to make it a habit to go to the classes.