All Sports Camp Summer 2016 Review

The Experience We signed Adventurer Jr. II and III up for a week of all sports camp. They did basketball, baseball, and soccer. It was a fun experience but Adventurer Jr. II wouldn’t be doing it anymore because he said that the rest of the kids were less than or equal to ten years old. The Cost: $140 $70 x 2 = $140. The original price was $192/person/week. We got this great discount from Groupon. If we can get this … Continue reading >>

2015 Summer Soccer Camp Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. III really liked their camp. Soccer is Adventurer Jr. III’s sport. He’ll be participating in soccer camps every year. Adventurer Jr. II, on the other hand, wasn’t so interested in soccer. The Cost: Total $421 Adventurer Jr. III Tuesdays 1 hour x 6 = 6-hour-camp: $70 Adventurer Jr. weeklong 3 hour x 5 = 15-hour-camp: $140 Adventurer Jr. 4-afternoon Golden Goal 2 hour x 4 = 8-hour-camp: $45 Adventurer Jr. Friday Afternoon Goal … Continue reading >>