2015 Fall Swim Lessons Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. II took an advanced swimming class again with six other kids. Even though he had taken this highest level of swimming class many years, he should still do it for next session just to exercise. Adventurer Jr. III was in second level of swimming class. There were only two to four students in that class. That’s never happened before. They had plenty of practices. Adventurer Jr. III was able to do back float for 15 seconds … Continue reading >>

2015 Swim Lesson Six

I practiced back float, backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke. I’m able to change air for all of them now. Practice, practice, and practice was the key. I was in the pool for 30 minutes. Then I did 5 minutes of jacuzzi and steam sauna. I’m very happy with my progress.

2015 Swim Lesson Five

I practiced back float, changing air while doing freestyle, and breaststroke. I couldn’t change air with backstroke yet. I felt that I’m not so afraid of the water anymore, which was a good thing. I soaked in the jacuzzi afterward. I lifted my feet up while sitting in the water so that the soles were massaged by the jets. It felt wonderful.

2015 Swim Lesson Four

I practiced treading water a little bit. Then I spent most of the time doing back float and changing air while swimming freestyle. Adventurer Jr. II and I also played with Adventurer Jr. III in the deep end of the pool. He practiced treading water and back float. He is going to graduate from Level II soon. We were in the pool for more than one hour. It was such a fun time for us.

2015 Swim Lesson Three

Today’s focus was treading water. Adventurer Jr. II taught me what to do with the arms. They work like breaststroke. I practiced. Then he showed me the legs. I practiced them too. After that it’s time to put these together. I’m still having the phantom of fear for water. Unbelievable. Adventurer Jr. II was laughing at me. I enjoyed the practice very much though. I’ll be back tomorrow.

2015 Swim Lesson Two

I drove Adventurer Jr. II to his swim training. Since it’s kinda early and the warm pool was occupied by physical therapy patients, I went to the jacuzzi first. I turned the jets on and let it massage the soles of my feet while I propped them up in front of one jet while my body was soaked in very warm water. It was such an enjoyment. I stayed in there for about 20 minutes having the jacuzzi all to … Continue reading >>

2015 Summer Swim Lessons Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II took an advanced swim training again this summer. Adventurer Jr. was using it to get ready for the 2015 Fall/Winter competitive swimming for his school. Adventurer Jr. III took a beginner’s class. He did really well and graduated to the next level. The Cost: $160 Training and class fees: $55 x 2 + $50 = $160 … Continue reading >>

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Season Competitive Swim Tryout

Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II would be starting competitive swimming. They did a trail today. They did their best. Adventurer Jr. needed to work on breast stroke. He could be moving up a level soon though. Adventurer Jr. II had more to work on. The season starts on 9-8-2014 and ends on 3-15-2015. There are trainings scheduled on every M, W, F and Sat and Sun when there’s no meet. They can’t wait to start the program.