Swim Lesson Seven

Today, Adventurer Jr. II asked me to do some ladders with freestyle. It’s good endurance training. Basically, I swam 1 length and rested 5 seconds. Then 2 lengths and rested 5 seconds. Then 3 lengths etc., until I swam 5 lengths. After that, I went back down and swam 4 lengths, all the way back to 1. I still have fear in deep water. To help reduce it, Adventurer Jr. II told me to sink into the bottom while blowing … Continue reading >>

Swim Lesson Six

I swam freestyle back and forth the width of the pool with push-off and two-hand touch. Then I practiced backstroke. The last time I swam in backstroke was on December the second of last year with noodles. I was able to swim the width of the pool in backstroke without anything today. I’m very happy of the progress.

Swim Lesson Four

Adventurer Jr. II had a small injury on his right foot from scraping it against the bottom of the pool the day before, so I left him home. I had the entire pool to myself. Safety is the top priority when swimming by oneself. Instead of swimming the length of the pool, I stayed in the shallow end and swam the width of the pool. I practiced push-off and two-hand touch. It wasn’t so fun as when Adventurer Jr. II … Continue reading >>

Swim Lesson Two

Today I swam the width of the pool and practiced push-offs. And I can reach the other side of the pool with just a push-off, which means I’m getting better at it. I also did lots of two-hand touch. I practiced it over and over to make the transition smoother. Another improvement I noticed was that I’m getting better at changing air while swimming. The key to success is practice. … Continue reading >>

Swim and Tabata

12-5-2013 Today I swam in the pool with Adventurer Jr. III. He raced me doggy paddle, while I swam freestyle. We also danced and singed in the pool. It was a wonderful time. On a side note, a new class called Tabata is now available, at a time that is convenient for me. I had to find the group lesson schedule for details. It was described as, “A physical & mental challenge that will increase your metabolism & muscular endurance, … Continue reading >>