First Lesson on Backstroke

11-30-2013 In today’s swim lesson, I swam half the pool freestyle. After that, Adventurer Jr. II started me on backstroke. He first taught me the kick. Your legs need to be straight, just like freestyle. He even went underwater to make sure that I was doing it correctly. After, Adventure Jr. II demonstrated how to push the water with your arms. I was able to swim the entire length of the pool several times. I think backstroke is easier to … Continue reading >>

Swim Lesson

11-23-2013 Adventurer Jr. II watched me while I was swimming freestyle in the pool today. Now I can swim half the pool, even though I still have to push off the wall. He said that it’s time for some improvement, so he demonstrated how to do push offs underwater. That improved my swimming abilities greatly. I remember when I first started swimming in August. During my first several swims, I felt very afraid and thought that I would drown (which … Continue reading >>