Yoga Class Eleven

The instructor informed us that starting in June, the Sunday yoga class will be cancelled. I have no idea why, but the class has been so popular and packed with people every Sunday. I made the most out of today’s session though. I’ll need to see if there’s any yoga class during the week that fits my schedule. Hopefully I can find one.

Yoga Class Nine

Finally I went to the yoga class today. It’s hard to get back to the routine once it’s broken. We had a substitute teacher, but I still regretted that I missed so many classes. Nothing we did was special, half-moon, caw face, along with other usual poses, but I felt so good afterward. I should never miss another Sunday morning’s yoga class.

Yoga Class Seven

Today we did something new. While standing in mountain pose, we raised our toes up one by one from big toe to pinky toe, then lowered them one by one from pinky toe to big toe, one foot at a time. It’s weird, but it aroused the awareness and appreciation for every part of my body. The instructor passed flyers around about a local workshop and a Greece (yes, you read that right, I had to read it twice to … Continue reading >>

Yoga Class Five

Today we did cat cow pose, frog pose, shoulder stand, down dog, up dog, child recovery pose, mountain pose, triangular pose, da vinci man pose, and warrior pose, etc. My muscles were still sore from the Tabata workout last night, but they felt better after all the stretching and relaxing.

Yoga Class Four

I haven’t practiced Yoga for a while, so this morning I left home early to join class. The room was packed. Three students who came later actually got turned away due to limited space. That could have been me had I arrived at my usual time. I felt so lucky this morning to have the opportunity to practice. We did reverse plank, tabletop, weight switcher, twists, triangular pose, plank, child pose, mountain pose, etc. My mind was clear, and my … Continue reading >>

Yoga Class Three

1-22-2014 Today we did a variation of the Tree pose in Yoga class. You pull one leg up, and you have the opposite hand hold the top of your foot with knee pointing downward, then you raise the opposite arm straight up over your head. I could stay balanced this way for 1+ minute each side. You could stop here with this pose or continue with the raised arm bending forward while you lower your buttock. Finally your raised arm … Continue reading >>

Yoga Class Two

1-15-2014 I learned something new today. Ananda Balasana (happy baby pose). This pose is about elongating the spine as long as possible and touching the mat with flat back as much as possible. This pose focuses on the lower back of your body and the pubic bones need to open out wide. I recall my kids did this pose when they were babies and they looked happy while doing it. Now I’m consciously recreating it and loving it. It made … Continue reading >>