2015 Harvest from Backyard Garden

I wanted to be somewhat self-sufficient with the non meat and non dairy food we consume. The tomatoes, squashes, zucchini, cucumbers, chives, and string beans we harvested from the garden were enough for our consumption this summer. I was very content. We also got some okra, purple beans, and asparagus. I’m happy with the variety of vegetables we got this year. The soil needs more nutrients though. I’ll pour expired soybean baby formulae powder into the raised beds when the season … Continue reading >>

Green Peppers, Squashes, Radishes and More

Our vegetable garden is doing extremely well this year. I may pickle the extra cucumber for consuming later. What should I do with all these squashes? I need research to find a good way to preserve them. The green peppers are getting bigger: The egg plant is flowering and getting huge: Radishes, anyone? How about some chocolate mints for tea? Squashes are coming as well: Little pumpkin: Last but not least, asparagus and okra: We can’t harvest asparagus this year … Continue reading >>

Lettuce Harvest

Our lettuce raised bed is doing so well. We need to start eating the lettuce. I don’t feed my family any salad even with our own vegetables out of fear of salmonella or other bacteria. I’ll make dumplings with lettuce. I harvested a little bit of it to make soup tonight. Our garden in general is doing well this year. … Continue reading >>

Bug Repellent for our Apple Tree

One of our apple trees has many little apples on it and bugs love that. To prevent the apples from getting ruined, Adventurer Jr. II suggested that we should make our own bug repellent: Ingredients: Garlic Cayenne pepper Onion Directions: Put all in a blender, I’m using Vita-Mix. Add some H2O and blend until everything is crushed. Pour into a container and let sit for 1 day. Strain and pour into a spray bottle. Spray on the plants. … Continue reading >>

Preserving Chive Blossoms

I had a nie harvest of chives flowers this week. Aren’t they pretty in this little basket? They could be a nice center piece for a party table, seriously. 😉 I hate to waste them, so what should I do? We bought a big jar of pickles last week and have 6 pickles left in there. I though of using the jar and the vinegar in it, but decided not to after I read the label. It contains colors and preservatives. I opted for … Continue reading >>

Spring Planning

11-29-2013 Winter has just begun, but I can’t wait for warmer weather again, and it will still be months before I can do anything in the garden. I still wanted to jog down my thoughts regarding it anyways. Right now, I have 8 raised beds in the back yard. One of them has chives growing in it. And it has been doing pretty well. Nothing needs to be done to that one. Another bed has celery growing in it. The … Continue reading >>