Grand Canyon, AZ Trip Prep

The Grand Canyon is our top destination of this trip.

Here’s a list of things to do in Grand Canyon by US News. Most of the historical buildings are located at South Rim. We definitely should go there. Here’s a web page just for South Rim. Learning at South Rim. View of Havasupai.

Here are some maps of Grand Canyon.

Here’s an official free guide I signed up for. Grand Canyon Field Institute programs might be good for our family. But there’s a cost of $50 per person to tour the Historic Village District. The park encourages tourists to spend at the gift shops to support the park. Turquoise is a main gemstone in Arizona. I have always been mesmerized by the color of turquoise. I should buy a pair of native turquoise and silver earrings there for around $20 as souvenir. There are free shuttle buses to transport people to and from places. We’ll definitely take advantage of that.

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